Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Beginning: Thirty Days of Dougie

Are you ready? I said "ARE YOU READY?"... because the new revolution is about to begin. Okay, maybe it's not all that, but starting tomorrow (Thursday), we begin a thirty day journey into the realms of insanity, dreams, hopes, wishes and whatever the heck else comes up. I'm talking about a project designed to get my lazy butt back into the writing game, as well as entertain, inform, annoy and just generally make you go "Hmmmmmm!". What am I talking about, you ask. Well, I decided to take a small box. And in that box are hundreds of small pieces of paper. And on each piece of paper is a word or two. And for the next thirty days, I will reach into that small box each day and withdraw one of these small scraps of paper. And whatever word is on that piece of scrap, that will the topic of the day and I'll write about it. It's "Thirty Days of Dougie!". All together now. "Yay!": I love to write, but as of the past few months, I've gotten extremely slacko. No short stories or fics. No wrestling columns. No political rants. Nothing! And that's just not right. Part of the reasons for my slackness was lack of internet. I had a computer, but no way to post anything. If I can't post and get some kind of feedback, then what's the whole point of writing, right? Plus my work schedule and social schedule. (I have a life... yay!) I work five days a week, do the Food Bank / volunteer thing 3-4 days a week and socialize with La Krew Familia at least two nights a week (because they're awesome and I love 'em!). So where is the time for writing? I used to do a whole lot more with a whole lot less free time, but I got older, got slacker and lazy. That just ain't cutting it anymore. So it's time to tighten up and get back in the game. Consider this an experiment to get rid of the ring rust and see if I'm still "the man!". I think I am, but I've got to quit the talking and do the walking and now, I am. So for the next month, get ready to laugh, cry, scratch your head a little bit, get angry or just go "eh!"... I'm back! It starts tomorrow so you have been warned. I want comments and feedback and if you have any ideas for topics to add to the box, let me know about those too. Nothing is off limits and I'm not planning on holding anything back. Dougie - real, raw and uncensored. Just consider the next 30 days my version of the CM Punk "Pipe Bomb"... Now it's time for a nap. Check back tomorrow for "Day 1". And let's get this party started. Whoo-hoo! Ubuntu!

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