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(Retro) Random - Three People: December 10, 2008

December 10, 2008
Random - Three People

Just wanted to do some commenting on some of the people I've recently encountered at the Hellmouth II... Three different people. But each of these folks stood out from the crowd in my eyes and made me stop for a second and think.... The first two "stories" are from a couple of weeks ago. I wrote this up and was going to post it in a "random blog", but I got distracted (as happens quite frequently with me - I have the attention span of a 13 year old girl just hitting puberty at the MTV Awards - aka very short and easily distracted). But I did these first two then and the last "story" comes from yesterday.

So here you go...

I saw something yesterday at the work-hole that made me sad. A young girl, probably ten or eleven, came up to my kiosk and, in a gruff voice seeting with hostility, threw a dollar down on the counter-space and said, "Gimme some quarters!". I glanced up at this kid and I could just see the bitterness and misery in this kids life.
I don't know her and have never seen her before, but in that one instant, I could almost see this kids future pass before my eyes. She's already a bit chunky and I could see easily a heavy-set sixteen or seventeen year old, cigarette in hand with a kid on each hip and one in her arms, screaming at the children to "shut the hell up!".
I'm serious. That's the image that passed before my eyes as I watched this child snatch up the four quarters I handed her and storm off, not a "thank you" or anything - justa dirty glare, grab the money and run. I have to wonder what makes a young child act that way - no manners at all with just a brutal combination of anger and sadness pouring out of her.

I know that some might speculate that she was just having a bad day, but I saw the anger and contempt on this kids face. I know about bad days. Hell, I'm the master of "bad days", and this was something more with this kid. I don't claim to be the most sensative or compassioniate person in the world - I know I'm stand-offish, cold, and bitter at the world quite more often that I should be, but her pain and sadness was obvious to me, like a big spotlight in the middle of the night. Why? What caused it? And can she be helped? I actually laid awake last night thinking of this girl. I've seen anger and I've seen rudeness, but there is something more going on here. I just don't know what.

And that makes me sad that any child should have to be and feel and act this way. Childhood is a time of innocence, being happy, having no worries and living life. Somewhere, with this kid, and far too many others these days, that youthful enthusiasm and love of life, that wide-eyes innocence, has all been lost and is buried deep within a wall of cynicism, bitterness, distrust, and hatred. And these sad, unhappy children grow up and become sad, unhappy adults.

That's not good - not good at all.

But I also had a pleasant experience at the store a few days ago as well. A guy came up to get some gas. The face wasn't much to look at and he didn't seem all that impressive when he was sitting in his truck and when he was standing behind the truck pumping gas. But he stepped out from behind the truck and was wearing jeans and I swear, that dude must have had a python stuffed in his pants. The bulge was huge! And it didn't just poke out at the front, but also ran halfway down his leg with a very obvious, distinct impression.

This was a mini-me John Holmes, but from the looks of things, there is nothing "mini" or "me" going on with this guy.

Yeah, I'm sitting here writing about a guy's "bulge". Go figure! I said this was going to be random.

Anyhow, he came around to the front of the kiosk and was looking at drinks and chips and other assorted goodies we have scattered about and I didn't have any other customers at the time, so I just watched him... and tried (unsuccessfully) not to stare. The bulge in the front of his pants was not only poking out several inches, it also went halfway down his thigh.

And then he finally came up to the kiosk to pay for his stuff and, as I said, the face wasn't much, but he had the greenest eyes, that were sparkling, and the biggest, whitest smile I think I've ever seen. And he was just talking and smiling and being so damn friendly... it was just a fun moment. We spoke for a bit. He's staying at the local motel and is here in the 'Burg working on construction. His name is John. And he was wearing a wedding ring. Damn! I knew it was going too good to be true.

Anyhow, other customers came up and he went on his way, leaving with a smile and a wave as he drove off. I think I'd like to see this guy again, but then again, maybe not. If what I saw is real (and I have no reason to think it isn't), I think I'd have to have a cross and garlic and maybe a machete and try to kill that thing - it ain't getting near me - that's for sure! I know my limits.

= )

He hasn't been back at the store since (but then again, that was Friday and this is only Sunday), but where ever he is, who ever he is, thanks for giving me some great images in my mind to think about and lust over.

And now, let's get up to date with one other person who was at the work-hole yesterday.

Old People Should Not Be Allowed To Drive.

OK, I can already feel several the daggers and disgust being projected through the computer screen about that comment. But maybe I should clarify. SOME old people should not be allowed to drive.

A lady came up to the store yesterday. She was at least seventy, if she was a day. Maybe 80lbs if she was soaking wet with bricks in her pockets. And she was so feeble and slow.
I watched her as she got out of her car. She was driving a big older model town car, so essentially, this little old woman was driving something the size of a tank. She moved slowly around to the gas pump and was lost. She didn't seem to be able to comprehend how to start the gas pump. Another customer came around and turned the pump on for her and she pumped her gas.

This is no exaggeration. It took her seven - eight minutes to pump $10.14 in gas. And she moved so slowly as she came up to the kiosk and waited in line to pay for her gas. She finally got up to the register and pulled out her little chain purse and started trying to hand me money... Her voice was like a hoarse whisper and it was obvious that it had been a major effort for her do what she'd done so far.

She payed for her gas and went back to her car, moving ever so slowly. It was kind of windy yesterday and I swear if a strong wind had come along, it probably would have picked her up and carried her off into the sky. But she went back to her car and drove off... not looking as she drove off and nearly hit a car on the way out of the parking lot as she pulled out and just kept going. Another car had to slam on their brakes to avoid hitting her, but she was just oblivious to it all as she drove off down the parking lot towards the highway. I watched as long as I could before having to go tend to other customers, but she managed to get to the main road without killing herself or anyone else and vanished from sight.

And I kept wondering how does this lady keep a drivers license... and who is stupid enough to let her drive that big old car all by herself. She's dangerous.. to herself and to others. And she doesn't seem to have a clue about it. Or maybe she does, but doesn't have anyone else or have a choice about driving? Who knows?

But it's scary and sad and something that disturbs me greatly. I hope she made it home OK.

Anf there you go. A look at three of the customers, picked from among the literally hundreds I see every day at my job. These three stood out (for different reasons obviously) and just made me stand back and think a bit. OK, for the second one, it was all dirty thoughts,but thinking is still thinking, so it's all OK.

That's both the curse and the blessing about my job. I get to meet some of the most interesting and unique people. No wonder, even though I profess to hate this job and it frustrates me to no end, I keep doing it. The people. And I think that might say something about me as well. Hmmmmmm! Indeed!

Anyhow, just wanted to write for a bit. Gotta go to Lowes now to buy a medicine cabinet for my bathroom and get ready to do some painting.

Until the next time...


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