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Flashback: Smackdown - 8/21/03

Smackdown Recap - 8/21/03

UPN Smackdown - Taped from the Motor City...

Tazz and Michael Cole at ringside..

Video Replay of Brock turning on Kurt a couple of weeks ago

Here comes Kurt Angle to the ring - and he's loooking for a fight. Here comes Vince - and if Kurt wants a fight - he's got one against the Big Show. Big Show comes out and stands by Vince. Kurt leaves the ring and attacks the Show - low blow and belt shot - Kurt pounds on the Show and the refs pull him off..

Big Show is trashing Vince's office - Vince makes the match a falls-count-anywhere Street fight between Kurt and Big Show..

Rey Mysterio w/Kidman versus Matt Hardy w/ Shannon Moore

Matt Facts: Matt has never lost his cellphone!

Matt pants are hipper than Rey's

Lock up into a test of strength - headscissors and roll up by Rey. Sitting dropkick and Rey gets 2. Kidman nails Shannon on the outside and Matt rakes Rey across the eyes. Legdrop by Rey and a springboard to Matt on the outside. Matt puts the boots and fists to Rey. Shannon goes for a chair shot, but misses. Kidman nails Shannon and takes the chair away. Ref sees Kidman with a chair - sends him to the back. (Commercial)

Matt is clubbering on Rey - Rey eats the post & Matt works on the arm. Anderson-style hammerlock slam on the arm by Matt. 2 count. Kicks by Rey, but Matt nails the side-effect. Back to the arm and Rey fights back - with elbows and a DDT. Matt puts Rey on the top, but gets knocked off - moonsault by Rey for 2. Clothesline by Matt and here comes Zach Gowen to ringside. Nails Matt with his cane - breaks it on Matt's back - 619 by Rey and West Coast Pop - Winner: Rey Mysterio

This week on Confidential: Big Cat Ernie Ladd

Replay of Zach breaking cane over Matt's back..

Vince and Brock are talking in Vince's office. Brock gets a warm up match - against Zach Gowen. Brock says he's going to break Zach's leg.

Cole & Tazz talk about Vince - they show highlights of the A-Train/Steph match from last week..

Steph had internal injuries - Billy, Torrie, Nidia, and Jamie are coming to the ring..

Boot of the Week: Basham's and Shaniquia bash Billy and Jamie last week..

Michael Cole talks to Zach Gowen's mom at ringside - she's very proud of her son and doesn't understand Brock Lesner..

Billy Gunn w/ Torrie Wilson & Jamie Noble w/Nidia
The Basham Brothers with Shaniquia

Jamie & Billy charge the Bashams outside the ring. Billy with slam oand fists to Doug. A missed dive in the corner and Doug takes over. DT and flapjack on Billy. More doubleteaming and stiff shots - Billy comes back with clotheslines. Hot tag to Jamie and he opens up on the Bashams. A Randy-Savage elbow from the top on Danny. Billy takes Doug to the floor. Jamie rolls up Danny and Shaniquia pulls him to the outside. Nidia & Torrie go after Shaniquia, but she knocks them both to the floor. The Bashams nail Jamie with a whip - make an illegal switch, and steal the win.

Winners: Basham Brothers with Shaniquia

Zach is in the back - here's Brock for a little pre-match intimidation.

Replay of Brock's decimation of Spanky from last week..

Brock Lesner versus Zach Gowen.

Zach kisses his mom and she applauds. Brock goes to ringside to play up to Mrs. Gowen. A dive from the ring and Zach's on Brock. He tosses him off. Here's Zach with the prosthetic leg. Whammo on Brock. Brock hits a knee and tosses Zach into the steel post. Some boots by Brock as he just tosses Zach around. 2 powerbombs by Brock. He tosses Zach to the floor and gets a chair. Nails Gowen in the head. Ref calls for bell.

Winner by DQ - Zach Gowen

Zach is busted open so Brock just keeps headbutting him. F-5 and slams Zach's leg into the ringpost. Several chair shots to the leg and another F-5 for good measure. Zach's mama comes to check on him as Brock just gloats. The medics are taking Zach to the back on a stretcher and Brock attacks again - knocking him off the stretcher. Brock takes the stretcher to the ring with him.

John Cena is out - talks about Zach and Detroit. Calls it the world's biggest crackhouse and makes a comment about they say he sucks, but he knows they swallow.. Funny stuff..

A-Train and John Cena versus Undertaker and Orlando Jordon

Taker & Cena start off - Back and forth - Taker nails the old school walk of doom - Jordon comes in and Cena takes over - tag to the Train. Works over Orlando - misses a charge into the corner - Orlando gets in a DDT and tags Taker. Train tags Cena. More back and forth. Cena is taken for the last ride by the Undertaker - here's A-Train with a chain to Taker's ribs -Cena rolls him up and gets the pin.

Winners: John Cena & A-Train

Sable is in the back - puts some moves on A-Train and gives him a key to the penthhouse.

Chris Benoit and Tajiri versus Rhyno and Eddie Guerrero

Good match - fast paced - I'm not even going to try and call it . In the end --Benoit lands a flying headbutt on Guerrero while Tajiri has Rhyno tied up in the tarantula. Benoit holds Eddie - Tajiri goes for kick, but Eddie moves and Tajiri nails Benoit. Rhyno gores Tajiri and gets the pin.

Winners: Eddie Guerrero and Rhyno

After the match - Eddie nailed Benoit with the US title - then he nails Tajiri - and for good measure - nails Rhyno.. Leaves the 3 of them lying.

Falls Count Anywhere - Street Fight..

A lot of brawling and cheap shots. Big Sets up a table in the ring. Kurt makes ample use of a chair. Just back and forth. In the end, Kurt hits the Big Show with an Angle-slam through the table to get the victory.

Winner: Kurt Angle..

Some good matches and some good action.. Not much backstage work, but plenty of ring-time, so I'm not complaining too much..

On a scale of 1- 10, this one gets a 6.5..
Later all..


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