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(Flashback) Sunday Night Heat - 12/21/03

Sunday Night Heat - 12/21/03

Hey all. What up and welcome to the Sunday Night Heat recap. I'm Doug M., the Wrestling Informer's resident degenerate. Heat is coming from Tampa, Florida tonite, as always on Spike TV. The men calling the action are Al Snow and a bandaged up (seperated shoulder) Coach. Let's do this.

We open up with Coach deciding to get the scoop on Bill Goldberg, last Monday night on RAW...not! Goldberg wipes out Coach and goes to the ring. He destroys La Resistance, and earns the wrath of General Manager Eric Bischoff - who tells Goldberg that for thirty days, he's "deactivated".

#1 Contenders Match
Victoria versus Ivory

Victoria is hotter than ever. My beloved looks radiant as well. We start off with a good old fashioned test of strength -and then roll up after roll up as Victoria and Ivory go back and forth with 2 count after 2 count. I'm getting dizzy. Ivory scores with a headscissors. Molly Holly come out on the ramp to watch the action. She's looking hot as well.

Victoria works over my poor beloved in the corner with shoulders to the mid-section. Ivory tries another roll up, and then nails the Psycho-queen with a dropkick. Big splat and Victoria heads to the floor. Back in the ring, Victoria gets in a slam. Victoria then goes for a surfboard submission - looks more like a bow & arrow to me. My poor beloved. And finally, after a brief bit of more action, Victoria nails the "Widow's Peak" to get the pin.

Winner: Victoria

Molly comes to the ring to congratulate Victoria on her victory. Victoria turns her back, and Molly cold-cocks her with the Women's Championship belt. Never trust a lady named "Molly".

The Hurricane & "S.H.I.T." Rosey versus Mike & Todd Shane

Rosey starts off with Todd. Todd lands some fists, but Rosey hits the big clothesline. A kick by Todd as he fights back. Rosey with a slam, and the Hurricane is tagged in. Hurricane flies as he connects with a crossbody press for 2. Hurrifists are flying, but Mike Shane hits the clothesline from the outside. The Shane Brothers take over and do the doubleteam in the corner. A suplex by Todd. Twin power reigns supreme as Todd keeps Hurricane grounded with a rear chinlock.

Hurricane fights back with some hard fists, and gets the hot tag to Rosey. Rosey is on fire with slams and clotheslines for both Shane's. The twins attempt to regain the advantage, but are flattened by a Rosey-clothesline special. He tags in the Hurricane and Rosey climbs to the second rope. Hurricane climbs Rosey and flies. Crossbody on Mike Shane and the Hurricane picks up the pin.

Winners: Rosey & The Hurricane

WWE BODYSLAM OF THE WEEK: Battle of the Sexes 2 comes to an arrupt halt, as Chris Jericho pulls Christian off of Trish and gives the "CLB" a big shove to the mat.

We go back to Monday night as Chris attempts to talk to Trish, but gets called an "asshole" by the Canadian diva. Later, he fights Kane in a match set up by GM Eric Bischoff. They fight to the outside. Kane is in control, so Y2J hits with with a chair to the head. Blatant DQ and Kane is the winner. But the battle continues as Kane ties Jericho to the "tree of woe", and follows up with a chokeslam from Hell! Once Kane has had enough, Christian comes in to "check" on his friend, and returns the favor for the big shove from earlier.

Al and Coach plug the upcoming WWE Royal Rumble PPV.

From earlier today, we see Test checking out Victoria. He's delusional, and thinks Victoria should maybe come back to school and take a "Test". Stevie Richards is there, and he doesn't like Test checking out his "flower". Some verbal jabbing, and the President of Stevie-Co. challenges Test to a match.

Stevie Richards versus Test

Test offers Stevie a shot, and Stevie takes it with a fist to the jaw. A Stevie-punch. Test lands a clothesline and puts the boots to the GM of Heat. Stevie lands some more punches and works Test into the corner. A dive in, and nobody home as Stevie starts singing a few keys higher. Ouch! Test works over Stevie with some boots and fists, and nails a hard slam. Stevie tries to fight back with kicks. Test goes for the boot, and misses -catching himself on the top rope. Stevie-DT attempt and block by Test. Another attempt by Stevie for the Stevie-DT, and Test blocks again, but Stevie gets a roll up and a fast count by the ref to get the pin.

Winner: Stevie Richards.

Al & Coach start to talk about Mick Foley. We go back to last Monday night, and see the drama unfold as Eric and Mick play their games. Eric challenges the "Hardcore Legend" to a match - and it's winner take all. It's Mick versus The Legend Killer, Randy Orton. Mick agrees. The match happens - or does it?

After much stalling, Foley just walks out. He's leaving,. He's gone. Eric & Orton confront him. Legends don't walk out. Legends don't cry. Orton spits on Mrs. Foley's baby boy, and the former WWF Champ keeps on walking. Whassup with that?

WWE REWIND: From two weeks ago on RAW, Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade steal a win over Lance Storm & Val Venis by using the tights. Tonite, the rematch.

Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade versus Lance Storm & Val Venis

Cade & Val start off. Val gives a hard slap to the chops, but Cade responds with a knee and some clubbering. Cade puts the boots to Val. Val hits a clothesline, and follows up with an elbow and a slam. Val fights back and tags off to Lance. Lance in and he goes to work on the arm. Cade responds with a boot and a tag to JIndrak. Double team by Pure Vanilla.

Lance comes back, and goes right back to the arms. Val tagged in and he plays chop suey with fists and chops. Lance gets a slam and gets a 2 count. It goes to the outside and Cade posts Lance's shoulder. Pure Vanilla is in control.

They work on the arm of "Mr. Personality". Lance takes the punishment for a while, and gets in the hot tag to the "porn star". Val in with chops, slams, and backdrops. A big powerslam move on Jindrak. A slam for Cade. Lance tags himself in, and nails a crossbody on Jindrak for 2. Lance goes for a sunset flip, but Jindrak leans forward and grabs Cade's arms for extra leverage, getting a suprise pin. Pure Vanilla has done it again.

Winners: Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak

Tommorow night - it's the best of 2003 on RAW. In two weeks in San Antonio, TX - the World title is on the line as HHH defends against "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels. I'll see you tommorow night with the RAW recap. That's it for now. I'm Doug M. Have a great night, and take it light.

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