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Flashback: The Top 15 Tag Teams Of All Time - August 23, 2003

Top 15 Tag Teams Of All Time - August 23, 2003

I know what this place needs - a list of the top tag teams of all time (or since I've been watching wrestling which is since I was a baby - about 25 years or so) so I decided to think on it for a whole 2 minutes and list, in my opinion - the top 15 tag teams of all time.. Dissenting opinions are welcome..

The Top 15 Tag Teams of All Time!!!

15. Mike Youngblood & Timber the Lumberjack

The big question now is who? Michael and Donnie (Timber) are two friends of mine - Micheal is one of my best friends - and though they only actually teamed together a couple of times - the chemistry and magic is there. Usually on any given weekend (before Michael decided to get Scotthall-itis and fuck his career up) - these two could be found in any gym or armory beating the hell out of each other and putting on matches that would put the WWE stuff to shame. They're that good. Michael is starting to get his shit together and is supposed to wrestle Timber at the end of the month and has been working in Timber's wrestling school as well, so there's hope for him yet! Timber has been scouted a few times by WCW when they were in business and recently by TNA, so he might make the big time one day as well. If he or Michael ever get to the top, you people are in for a treat. I've seen what they can do - ya'll will be impressed..

14. Barry Windham and Arn Anderson

Two of the Four Horsemen - all the magic and chemistry.. Don't think they're great - there was a Clash of the Champions where they fought the Renegade Warriors (Mark & Chris Youngblood). Watch that match. On another Clash, they fought Brian Pillman and El Gigante. Watch either of those matches - and prove me wrong. They are that damn good!

13. The Boogie Knights (Alex Wright & Disqo)

I'm probably the only person who will admit it, but l loved this team. Disqo does his dance - Alex does his dance - Toyko Magnum was around part of the time and did his dance - and none of them good, but it was just a great time. And damn - they could wrestle too..

12. Dean Malenko & Chris Benoit

Can you think of a better wrestling team than these two? The lack of charisma and the smaller sizes of both guys held them back in the promoters eyes, but on any given night - they were the best team around and could go with anyone..

11. The Outsiders (Kevin Nash and Scott Hall)

Anyone who knows me knows I don't much care for Scott Hall or Kevin Nash as wrestlers. Hall is a pitiful drunk and Nash would be better off as a stand-up comic. But put these two together and there was a magic in the air.. Whether with Hogan as the NWO or just as a team against big breasted women on Nitro (they lost that match, by the way) - as a team, Hall & Nash were just it!

10. The New Breed (Sean Royal & Chris Champion)

This team was brought in to the NWA to feud against the Rock 'n Roll Express and Jimmy Valiant in the early 80's. They weren't around long, but they made a lasting impression until a car accident took them off the scene for a while. I don't know if Royal ever returned to the business - I think he did, but I'm not sure - but I know that Champion emerged a few years later as Harley Race's oriential hitman - Yoshi Kwan. They were just hot back then..

9. The Hardy Boyz

Two of my neighbors from just about 30 miles up the road - Matt & Jeff are just amazing performers. I didn't like them much to start, but they've grown on me over the years and I really have learned to appreciate their styles. I'll be glad when Jeff decides to return to the big time - and anytime Mattitude is on the Smackdown TV screen, I mark out and cheer. And I can't wait for the day they team back up and kick ass - Hardy Boyz style..

8. Greg Valentine and Ric Flair

One of the first teams I ever saw and probably the roughest and hardest hitting. Flair was alot more reckless back then - just a few years into his career and was the hot young heel.. Valentine played the methodical sadistic bastard. And they beat everyone - fan favorites or bad guys - it didn't matter. Just the perfect chemistry and the perfect team.

7. The Hart Foundation (Bret Hart & Jim Neidhardt)

The technique of Bret - the power and strength of the Anvil - the ringside antics of Jimmy Hart - all the bases were covered. Bret was just beginning to blossom into the best there is, was, and ever will be - and the Anvil was just pure bulk and power. An awesome combo that truly left a big legacy on the WWE tag team scene.

6. The Road Warriors (Hawk and Animal)

When they first started - these guys were huge. Just nothing but pure power. Not much for finesse or technique, but they would just beat the hell out of everyone. Add Paul Ellering to the mix - to refine them a bit -and keep the 'roid rage under control - the most dominating tag team ever..

5. Rick Steamboat and Jay Youngblood

Most people who are fans now never got to see Jay Youngblood wrestle. He died in New Zealand a while ago. As a singles wrestler - he sucked, but put him teaming with Steamboat and they were in a league no one could touch. The friendship and chemistry between these two was great -Steamboat would use a wrestling move and Jay would just chop the hell out of people - them Steamboat would fly - just poetry in motion.

4. Edge & Christian

You knew when you saw the Hardy's that Edge and Christian had to be here somewhere too. They just reek of awesomeness.. The con-chair-to's - the interviews - the five second poses - and they both are amazing wrestlers too..

3. The Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane) w/Jim Cornette

Twin sons of different mothers - just a great team. Eaton handled the high flying and Lane with the martial arts kicks - plus Cornette and his reliable tennis racket were always available to lend a hand.

2. Tully Blancard and Arn Anderson

Whether as members of the Horsemen or as the Brainbusters, Arn and Tully meant championship gold. Tully was the wise veteran. Arn was the headstrong rookie - and the chemistry was right - everything was right and just clicked. Where Arn lacked - Tully made up for and vice- versa... Just a total package..

1. The Anderson Brothers (Ole and Gene)

Another one of the first teams I ever saw and the best. They set the standards for tag team wrestling. The quick tags - the Anderson did it first. The double-team - look for Ole and Gene. The Hammerlock slam on the arm - like Matt Hardy did to Rey Mysterio on Smackdown this past Thursday - that was a patented Anderson hold. The whole concept of spending an entire match working on one body part is credited to the Andersons. The Anderson Brothers were tag team wrestling and no one since has even come close to knocking them from the top spot as the best tag team of all time..

OK - those are my picks and I explained why with each of them. Some of them can;t be argued with - and some of them, well..... it's my list and I think they belong there. So give me some feedback and tell who ya'll's favorite teams are and where they would place in the top 10/15 of all time..

Later all..


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