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My World Survey - November 28, 2011

My World Survey

Last concert you went to?

I was talking to a friend about this last night and the last real concert I went to was Reba / John Michael Montgomery back in 1991, I believe. I've been to several school Band Concerts since then though.

Ever been out of the country?

Nope. I've been out of my mind a few times though. Does that count?

Do you know who your true friends are?

I do believe so - yes...

Do you have a significant other?

I have someone who I care for a great deal and consider my soul mate, but for reasons out of our control, we are not able to be together. So that means what? My heart belongs to someone very special, but until the day that I can be with him, I use others to fill the void (and provide good sex);

Ever kissed someone of the same sex on the lips?

Many, many times. I like to kiss even if it doesn't lead to anything else. Kissing is fun.

Are you seriously bored?

Is it that obvious?

How long are you online each day?

Generally only an hour or so during the day, but when the sun goes down and everyone goes to bed, then it might be easily three-four hours at a time.

Do you watch wrestling?

I not only watch it, but I've been writing about it in pro wrestling's most eclectic column, 'Tossing Salt - Worldwide News" since 2003.

Have you ever been lost?

I stay lost... lol.

Are you a bitch/asshole?

That would depend upon who you ask, but the answer is yes - I CAN be a major asshole at times. But I'm so lovable and cute the rest of the time that most people overlook my ass-clown moments.

Can you be romantic?

Picnic lunches under the moon, candlelight, cooking meals for the man I love, flowers for no reason, running his bath water and giving massage, poems, little notes just to say that I'm thinking of & love him, etc... all of that - the answer is yes..

Are you into fashion?

Nope - I'm a gay man who has no fashion sense. Go figure. I missed that class at Homo

What do you think of Perez Hilton?

He's petty, annoying talentless and a dick! I wish I had his job / money though. (And I could do it so much better.... lol)

Do you know your ABC'S?

Not only the ABC's but I also know the rest of the alphabet..

Who's your favorite disney character?

It's a toss-up between Thumper (who I have tattooed on my leg) and Donald Duck (Donald is de' duck!)

Have you ever egged someone's house or car?

I refuse to answer that on the grounds that it may tend to incriminate me. Is there a statue of limitations on that mess??

Ever google yourself?

Of course - my name doesn't make the top searches, but my column, "Tossing Salt" does..

Do you still live with your parents?

I share a house with my Mom - she can't afford this place by herself and I have way too much crap to move around place to place so we've compromised and I'm staying here for the duration.

Do you enjoy doing these surveys?

When I'm either bored or else looking for filler to post at my blogsite, yeah...

How's the weather outside?

It feels great outside (warm and breezy) but it just started raining a few minutes ago.

If you could see someone right now who would it be?

I'd love to see Cal (the man I love), but would also love to see Theresa, Chris B., Matt or Kenneth right now too. I'm in the mood to be around some cool-ass people and while all of my friends are cool, these are among my favoritest.

What kind of computer do you have?

It's an old Dell desktop - I need a new one. Anyone have a laptop they want to get rid of fairly cheaply? Hit me up and let me know.

What's your favorite drink?

Pepsi (although I have to drink the Diet crap now - due to diabetes and my fat belly... lol)

What do people call you?

Damn good!!!... lol. (and the ones that I haven't slept with yet just call me

Are you a shit talker?

Not really (no, really, I'm not) unless I'm drinking. And then anything goes... lol.

Where's your hometown?

I was born in Ohio and raised for the first part of my life in Raleigh, NC, but I've been here in Laurinburg for 30 years now and I consider this to be my home and hometown.

Favorite fancy restaurant?

I don't really care much for the fancy stuff - I'm but a simple man. But I guess Golden Run (the local Chinese place) would probably be my answer here.

Are you single?

My heart belongs to one that I can't be with, but the rest of me is up for grabs and I need a good man in my life. Any takers??

Who is your favorite band/artist?

My "Big 6" are and will always be Waylon Jennings, Alice Cooper, Sublime, Rickie Lee Jones, Frank Sinatra & Soce the Elemental Wizard.

Hows your day going?

So far, it's been okay. Had a few minor problems early today with my car, but I'm feeling and doing good.

What were you doing at 3:00pm?

It's not 3:00 yet, but I'll probably be finishing up this survey and then going outside to check the mail.

Have any siblings?

I've got four by blood, two by marriage and about a dozen by fate choice and the blessings of God.

What movie did you last see?

I'm not sure of the name of the movie, but it starred Susan Sarandon & Mark Wahlberg and was about a thirteen year old girl that was murdered by her neighbor, but her spirit couldn't move on.

What phone service do you use?

The house phone is AT&T, while my cell is a piece of crap Tracfone.

Do you have a favorite pair of jeans?

I have an old pair of Lee's that are ragged and falling apart and only being held together by patch jobs and quick needle & thread fixes that are so damn comfortable to wear. I need to get rid of them, but they feel so

Would you rather be at the beach or be in the snow?

Since it's November and there wouldn't be that many people, the beach. I love the smell and sounds of the ocean, but I hate the crowds.

Have any nicknames?

Dougie-Fresh, Salty, The Wrestling Guy, The Guy From The Store, Asshole, Cupcake, etc.

Would you rather eat or sleep?

At this precise moment, eat. I haven't had breakfast or lunch yet and it's 3:00 in the afternoon. I'm getting hungry.

Do you like long car rides?

It depends on who I'm with and who's driving. But generally, I'm a good travel companion.

Wanna go for a walk?

Maybe after the rain stops.

Favorite colors?

Black, Purple and Hot Pink

What is your favorite drink?

This is a duplicate question that I already answered. And it is (was) Pepsi. Or maybe a cold Bud Light. That would be nice right now.

Plans for the weekend?

No plans yet - anybody have any ideas for something to do? Holla at me.

Ever been out of the state?

Many times.

Out of the country?

Another duplicate, but the answer is still no.

Ever met anyone famous?

Yeppers - many different professional wrestlers (Greg Valentine, Rock & Roll Express, Ric Flair, Three Count, The Hardys, etc), Janis Ian, Vince Gill, former NC Governor Jim Hunt, former Senator Jesse Helms, former Charlotte Mayor Eddie Knox and many others. My favorite of all was Barney The Dinosaur... lol.

Who is the best band to see in concert?

The two best concerts I've ever seen were Alice Cooper and Reba (not together of course) and those would be my picks. AC/ DC was the loudest band I've ever seen in person and put on a great show as well.

How much money do you have on you?

Probably about four bucks and some change (but not to worry - I have my debit card).

Next concert you will attend?

I have no idea - I wanted to see the New Kids On The Block / Backstreet Boys show, but didn't have the money. I heard last night that Jason Aldean will be coming through in a couple of months so that one might be a possibility.

Anything exciting happening soon?

Only if some good looking dude comes over here and wants to get naked... lol. Nah, this is Laurinburg - nothing exciting ever happens here.

Text or call?

Text - i despise talking on a damn telephone..

Are you a morning person?

Yes - I actually am - go figure.

Sunrise or Sunset?

Probably the sunset because that means it's the night time and that's when I feel most alive and inspired.

What do you like to watch on tv?

Wrestling of course and Sons of Anarchy, NCIS, the news and lots of cartoons.

When is your birthday?

July 3rd

Ever been drunk?

Once or twice.

What is the most recent thing you have smoked?

A Marlboro Light that I bummed off a friend a few weeks ago - I was stressing and smokes make great nerve medicine.

How many times have you been on a plane?

Just once that I know of - when I was a small child and we took a field trip to the airport for school.

Favorite vacation spot?

I like to stay home... ALONE - my ideal vacation is everyone else going away so I can have some peace and quiet.

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