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(Retro) Smackdown From Sacramento, CA - September 3, 2004

Doug Maynard 09/03/2004

Finally, The Salt Tosser has returned... to Smackdown! What up all! Doug here with a very late-night edition of the Wrestling Informer Smackdown recap. Why so late? Because the world is against me! I took a little nap after a hard day of doing this, that and everything else. I get up around 7:45 to do my first official recap of Smackdown as the official "Wrestling Informer Smackdown Reporter". Cool title, right! And I turn on the TV to UPN. And I find... football. NFL Pre-Season. The home-town team, defending NFC Champions The Carolina Panthers are playing against the Pittsburgh Steelers. This just isn't right! I want to Smackdown my TV.

But I go and check out the TV Guide channel. Smackdown is pre-empted until midnight. Great! Now I have four hours to kill before I can even get started. And I was worried about being able to stay awake until 10:00pm. So I watch the football game for a bit. I play on the computer and write to a couple of friends. I work on the "Time Warp". I watch the Republican National Convention and hear NY Governor George Pataki make a pretty good speech. I watch the Weather Channel to track Hurricane Francine. Just channel flipping and net surfing. And finally, it's time. So now, I can shut up the rambling and get to the recapping.

It's WWE Smackdown on UPN. This show was taped on Tuesday, but is airing tonight from the great Arco Arena in Sacramento, CA. Michael Cole and Tazz are the guys at ringside. Now, let's do this!

We open with a little video presentation building up the rivalry between "Latino Heat" Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle. Tonight, they go 2 out of 3 falls and find out who's better!

We see the Smackdown intro. Lots of sparkles and fireworks. And here comes the U.S. Champion, Booker T. "Now can you dig it, sucka!" Booker talks about his victories over John Cena and how he now leads the series 2 - 1. We see video from last week and from a match in Sydney, Australia that puts "Mr. Five Time" in the lead. Booker raps about wrapping it up. Booker raps about wrapping. Funny! Don't quit the day job, Mr. T. Here comes Rey Mysterio Jr. He wants Spike but is willing to wrestle Booker and gets a "619" chant going. And out comes Kenzo Suzuki. He says that "619" is American and since Rey isn't American, he's a liar. Kenzo actually says, "Liar Liar... pants on fire!" Cheezy grin by Kenzo. He loves America. RVD attacks Kenzo from behind. Dupree out to attack RVD. It's pure chaos. Rey and RVD clear the ring. Here comes Teddy Long. If the playas want to fight, so be it. He makes a match for right now - Booker, Rene & Kenzo versus RVD, Rey-Rey and John Cena.

6-Man Tag-Team Match: Rob Van Dam, John Cena & Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Booker T, Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki
Cena & Kenzo start off. Fists and slam by Cena. Kenzo with the clothesline and tag off to Rene. Cena with the backdrop and a kick. RVD is in. Kicks, fists, slams and a legdrop by RVD. Rene fights back with fists and a hiptoss and a snake-eyes for RVD. Kenzo in with a clothesline and kicks for two. Booker in for a big kick and a tag to Rene who locks in a chinlock. RVD fights back with kicks and a tag to Rey. Rey with dropkicks and a crossbody and bulldog on Rene for two. Kick by Rene. "French Tickler" time! Hurracanrana and "619" attempt by Rey, but Booker in to break it up. Cena in and it's a slobber knocker in progress. RVD hits the 5-star on Rene, but he's not legal so he dives on to Kenzo. Rey with "619" and "Drop of the Dime" on Rene for the pin.
Winners: Rey Mysterio, John Cena & Rob Van Dam

We take a look back at Wrestlemania XX as Eddie Gilbert gets the pin on Kurt Angle. Later tonight, they do it one more time - 2 out of 3 falls.

Be sure to check out the WWE Experience on Spike TV every Sunday morning at 11:00 am. (And then come here to the Informer and relive the "experience" with "Raven" Matt Rawle!)

WWE SMACK OF THE NIGHT: From last week, Heidenreich does what so many would like to do and beats the crap out of Josh Matthews.

We see Paul Heyman in the back and he's locking a door. And here is Teddy! He's looking for Heidenreich. Beating up Josh was unacceptable (albeit funny) and Heidenreich is being fined $5000. Heyman protests and Teddy says Heyman can pay the fine. Cash only - no checks! I guess Teddy's been talking to RVD and Tazz. Teddy tells Heyman to keep Heidenreich under control. Heyman calls "Big Johnny" unpredictable and crazy. Teddy leaves and Heyman unlocks the door to set free the monster within.

We go back to last week and see Kidman accidentally nail Chavito with the knee during an awkward "shooting star press". They replay it several times to make sure we appreciate how dangerous that was for Chavito. Chavo suffered a severe concussion and is under doctor's care.

We go back to the back and Kidman & Paul London are getting ready for their match. Here is Jamie Noble. He gets in Kidman's face about the injury to Chavito and says he can't believe Kidman would even show up tonight after almost ending Chavo's career. Kidman makes some excuses, but Jamie says it's Kidman's fault. London tells Kidman to not worry about it. Jamie is just playing mind games.

We see a promo video for Carlito Caribbean Cool. He talks about being cool and spits an apple into the face of an old man. That's cool! He spits in the face of people who aren't cool. He's coming. This guy is going to be good. If only he didn't look so much like a super-sized version of Justin from American Idol - Season One. Speaking of American Idol, I heard a rumor that Simon might be replacing Paula & Randy with two new partners. Alvin and Theodore. Bwah-ha-ha-ha! OK - back to the show!

Paul London & Billy Kidman versus The F.B.I. (Nunzio & Johnny Stamboli)
We see a brief clip from earlier where the F.B.I. rag on the dangers of the S.S.P. London and Nunzio start off with lots of basic wrestling. London with a dropkick and some elbows and kicks. Nunzio bails to the floor. London holds the ropes open for Nunzio. Nunzio slaps the taste outta his mouth. Big shoving match with everyone involved. Nunzio uses an elbow and legdrop to get two. The Bull comes in with a knee lift and a big press-slam. Backdrop by London and tag to Kidman. Kidman in with a clothesline to Nunzio. Headscissors and slam by Kidman. London & Kidman nail Stamboli with the "Rock & Roll Express" double dropkick. Nunzio hits a side-sweep on Kidman for two. Dropkick by Kidman and he goes to the top. He hesitates and tags to London. London questions Kidman about not doing the "SSP" and Nunzio slides in with the roll for the pin.
Winners: The F.B.I. (Nunzio & Johnny Stamboli)

Kidman and London are talking. Kidman walks to the back as London looks confused. Here comes Heidenreich. He nails London from behind with a clothesline and a back-breaking hotshot into the ropes. Shoulder breaker by Heidenreich. And then, just for good luck, one more shoulder breaker. Heidenreich goes over to the announce table to threaten Michael Cole. Cole flees around the ring. Heidenreich heads back in the ring and sends London to the floor with a big splat! Heyman is out to plead with Heidenreich, "No more! No more!"

Coming this fall to Smackdown is the $1,000,000 Tough Enough. Go to for details.

The Big Show returns in three weeks.

We see Teddy again talking to referee Brian Hebner. Teddy sends Hebner to get Paul Heyman He and Heidenreich have some money to pay. Torrie Wilson is here and she's nervous about the Big Show's return. She should be nervous about her abilities to "act" on national television. Teddy says that the Show is taking "anger management classes" and not to worry! Belee' dat!

We see a brief clip from the new game out by the WWE, "Day of Reckoning" with an awesome entrance by the video "Undertaker".

JBL comes out and joins Cole & Tazz at ringside for the next match. We see clips from last week as Undertaker has Orlando defeated, but JBL pulls out the referee for the DQ. Undertaker then dismantles JBL and Chokeslams him straight to hell!

Orlando Jordon versus Charlie Haas (with Miss Jackie)
A lot of basic science back and forth to start. Spear by Orlando and some kicks. Orlando unties the padding on the corner turnbuckle. Clubbing and some choking by Orlando. He goes to the top and misses a crossbody. Haas hits a suplex for two. Fist and kicks by Haas and a big flying forearm. Orlando slams Haas into the exposed corner and gets the pin.
Winner: Orlando Jordon

JBL goes into the ring to congratulate his protégé and then gives Haas a big "clothesline from Hell!" before hugging Orlando to celebrate the big win.

Time now to head to the Republican National Convention and the hottest Diva on WWE TV today, Ivory is there with Linda McMahon and the Big Show. The usual gibberish and Linda, my beloved & the Big Show all say be sure to "Smackdown your vote!"

We see a bunch of video clips from the WWE Smackdown tour of Australia from this past weekend with stops in Sydney & Brisbane.

The Dudley Boyz (with Spike) versus Billy Gunn & Bob Holly
Not really all that much to this match. The Dudleyz attacked at the bell and sent Holly to the floor. Billy with kicks and a hiptoss over Bubba. D-Von trips up Billy and the Dudz do the double-team. D-Von comes in with fists and tags back out to Bubba. Bubba with some punches and kicks, but Holly comes in with lots of fists. Backdrop for D-Von and a kick and powerslam for Bubba. Bubba hits a Spinebuster for two. Holly hits an elbow and goes to the top for a big clothesline on Bubba. Spike is in and nails Holly with the Cruiserweight title belt. Bubba gets the pin.
Winners: The Dudley Boyz

Time to go back to Summerslam and we see Kurt Angle make Eddie tap to tie up their series 1 - 1.

Another promo talking about Carlito Caribbean Cool. He won't ask to borrow your phone, but it doesn't matter. He's cool. And he's coming to Smackdown.

Michael Cole plugs Tough Enough, coming this fall to Smackdown.

WWE RAW REBOUND: HHH and Evolution want Randy Orton and paybacks. They get Randy and a sledgehammer. Eric Bischoff is mad, but he soon "feels" what Randy is all about... or his foot does anyway. This coming Monday is Randy Orton versus Kane. HHH totally decimates Eugene and beats him senseless.... well, even more than usual. Orton intercedes and with a RKO, helps Eugene pull out a victory from the jaws of defeat and beat HHH.

John Cena cuts an awesome rap for the commercial for the new "Day of Reckoning" video game. If only his raps on Smackdown were this good!

Two Out of Three Falls: Kurt Angle versus "Latino Heat" Eddie Guerrero
A lot of back and forth science to start. They lock up in a test of strength and Kurt pulls the hair. They do it all again and Kurt pulls the hair again. One more time. Eddie pulls the singlet of Kurt. Kurt is PO"ed so he pulls down the straps. Kurt comes in with a fist and kicks. Eddie rolls him up and pulls the tights. Full moon in Sacramento. Kurt goes to the floor and stalls. Eddie says "kiss it!" Back in the ring, Eddie goes after the arm. Kurt uses the old trick knee and nails Eddie with a low kick. Eddie fights back with fists and a blatant low kick in front of the ref. The ref calls for the bell. Eddie is DQ'ed.
Winner - 1rst Fall: Kurt Angle
Eddie starts off with a kick. Kurt hits a suplex for two. Kurt with a Bearhug. Eddie with the suplex for two. Knee and chinlock by Kurt. Kurt hits the triplex. Eddie uses a roll to get the pin.
Winner - 2nd Fall: Eddie Guerrero
Kurt has a Bearhug on Eddie. Eddie with elbows. Clubbing by Kurt and both men are down. Suplex by Kurt. Eddie with DDT. Eddie to the top, but here's Kurt with a superplex. Angle-Slam and Kurt gets two. Ankle lock by Kurt, but Eddie makes the ropes. "Three Amigos" by Eddie. He goes to the top. Here's Luther Reigns out. Eddie nails Luther and goes back up. Frog splash by Eddie, but Kurt moves out of the way. Angle-Slam and ankle lock by Kurt. Eddie flips Kurt into the ref. Ref down. Eddie nails Luther on the outside and gets a chair and nails Kurt. He nails Luther as well. The ref is moving, so Eddie plays possum. Kurt gets the chair and the ref catches him. Kurt pleads with the ref to not be DQ'ed. Kurt tosses the chair to the floor. Luther nails Eddie with the chair from the outside in the legs. Kurt locks in the ankle lock and Eddie is forced to tap.
Winner - 3rd Fall: Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle wins the match - two falls to one.

After the match, Luther Reigns attacks Eddie with a big neckbreaker. Kurt watches from the top of the ramp, but doesn't look especially happy as Luther destroys Eddie.

And that's it. My first edition of Smackdown. And it was OK. Not great, but still OK. The main event was good. Eddie and Kurt are two of the greatest in the WWE today and always put on a good match. I lost track of the number of suplexes used. I like the way they're turning a bad situation into a positive situation with the Kidman/London - Chavito/Noble deal. It was a fluke accident that happened, as they sometimes do, but they're able to make a storyline out of it and actually give Kidman and London some TV time to actually speak. Hopefully, Chavito and Jamie will end up with a title run out of this. The rest of the show reminded me of an old edition of WCW Thunder with the booking. A lot of matches and big names, but the matches were all booked short and weren't much to see. All filler. I guess they're going for quantity instead of quality. Let's recap this bad mama-jama.

Rob Van Dam, John Cena & Rey Mysterio beat Booker T, Kenzo Suzuki & Rene Dupree
Nunzio & Johnny Stamboli beat Kidman & Paul London
Orlando Jordan beat Charlie Haas (with Miss Jackie)
The Dudley Boys (with Spike) beat Bob Holly & Billy Gunn
2 out of 3 falls: Kurt Angle beat Eddie Guerrero (2-1)

And that's it for me. Any comments or questions, drop me a line at either or Have a great night! See ya!

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