Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Brutal Questions Survey - October 4, 2011

Brutal Questions Survey

Have you ever made out in a hot tub? No, I can't say that I have. That might be fun though if I'm with the right person. I have enjoyed the pleasure of a sauna while in questionable company. Is that close enough?

Are you happy with your weight? Nope. Need to drop about forty pounds to be what's good for me - but even with this belly, I'm still a sexy beast... lol

If you could move out right now, would you? YES!!!!!

Do you like your toes? Yeah, I guess so - why wouldn't I? I've got attractive feet (if your in to that sort of thing, especially for a man my age)

If you had a bf/gf, would you make out with someone else for $1000? Make out? Damn straight! Show me the $$$$!

Have you ever snuck around, almost got caught, lied, and actually got away with it? A few times actually - which surprised the heck out of me. Was she really that niave?

Do you go to church? If so, do you actually pay attention? Not often, but I do volunteer work at a church. I'm just not comfortable with the whole organized religion deal anyhow. And if I am there, I do pay attention.

Do you always flush the toilet after you use it? Absolutely!!

Do you put the complete lid down afterwards too? Of course - don't want anyone to fall in in the darkness..

Do you have a religion? Christian, but aside from that, non-denominational. I beleive in a higher power, but I don't feel comfortable with most organized religions.

How often do you wash your hands? Many, many times a day, as needed.

How often do you wash your hair? At least once a day and sometimes more. I like to stay clean.

Do you let your nails grow or bite them off? I'm trying not to do it quite so often, but I do bite them at times - nervous reflex and I can't stand my nails getting long.

Friends with benefits, just friends, or relationship? All three work quite well, depending upon the person you're with. I have all three actually..

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? The world may never know, thanks to that damn Mr. Owl.

Do you have o.c.d.? Nah, just a few slight complexes and a paranoia of people..

When you are home alone at night and hear strange noises, are you afraid someone is going to break in? Around here, it's more likely someone trying to break out... lol.

Have you ever given someone a fake tatoo with a marker? Yeppers!!

Do you want any tatoos? If so, where? Got three and want more - on my bicep and on my shoulder / back.

Would you rather have your nose or tongue pierced? If I had to choose between the two, my tongue. I cal already do some amazing things with it (or so I've been told) and a tongue-piercing could only make things even more awesome!

Monroe or lip? OUCH!! Both are disgusting in my opinion, but I guess the "monroe" is the better of the two. Just get me drunk first. VERY drunk!

Do you play with the other persons hair when you kiss? Absolutely - I love playing with a sexy man's hair...

What curse word do you say the most outloud? DAMN! (but shit and fuck are in a close second or third)

To yourself? Has to be "fuck!"

Have you ever farted in front of your boyfriend/girlfriend? Yeppers - it's take me as I am, farts and all - and luckily for me, he does..

Ever peed in your pants after the age of 10? Actually, I believe I have - drunk as heck and passed out and had this dream that I was in a pool and getting wet. Well, I was getting wet, but not for the reason in my dream... lol.

Most memorable experiance of peeing on yourself? Only time I can remember is what I mentioned in the previous question.

Had any surgeries? What kind? Let's see - Abscess on my thigh (one surgery), abscess on my throat (three surgeries), plastic surgery on my hand, surgery on my ankle, broken ankle (pins and screws), detached retina surgery and a biopsy. I think that's all.

Ever ate any type of animal food? Pecans are squirrel food - I like them. And carrots are rabbit food. I like them. So I guess... yeah!

Ever been shanked (pantsed) in public? Nope, but I have shanked (pantsed) a couple of guys... but they were willing victims so does it still count?

Talked bad about a friend behind their back? Everybody has at some point and anyone who says they never have is a liar, pure and simple.

Wished someone would just disappear? I have, I do and if I can help this certain person to do just that... forever, I'd be glad to do so.

Ever told your parents you hated them? As a young'un, in the heat of the moment in arguments - but apologies were made shortly afterwards.

Ever wish you had a different family? Who hasn't at some point. But they're my family, I'm stuck with them and they're stuck with me and we all just make the best of it and be happy..

Ever ate your boogers after the age of 8? No, I don't think so.

Would you have sex with a random person you knew? Hell, been there and done that - so my answer is...???

Have you ever self-broadcasted a porn show on the internet? Nope - big guys don't do internet porn (unless the money is right). Anyone want to make a financial offer??

Have you ever smoked pot? Yes, I have many times in my younger days, but it's not my drug of choice. I've always preferred alcohol.

Ever smoked cigarettes? Again, the answer is yes, but I've never been a regular smoker. Just when I'm drinking or stressed out. And when I'm having a creative block, nothing calms the nerves and allows those doors to open better than sitting outside on the porch, enjoying the late night air while sucking down a good smoke.

Ever been drunk? Have you read these answers? Do you know me? From 1988 to 1998 and then again from 2001 - 2003, I think the better question would be "ever been sober?", because the sober days were few and far between in those days. Rarely drink now though (but a cold Bud Light would be nice right now).

Have you ever dressed up as the opposite sex? Yeah, for Halloween a few years ago - I did the full drag effect and I looked AWESOME!! Actually, I looked kind of scary. I AM NOT cut out to be a drag queen. Hmmmmm! Change that! I looked fabulous!

Ever fall in mud? Yeah, of course - just a few minutes ago in a post on Facebook, Suzie has a "Hillbilly Ho-Down" and I was listed as "falling in the mud drunk". And maybe, just maybe, there might have been one or two incidents in the past few years when I was partying in the grass fields out in Hasty and at the Boardwalk and other places. Lots of alcohol usually meant stumbling around and the occasional "I've fallen and I can't get up" moments.

Ever wrecked a four-wheeler? Only if you count a 1987 Nissan Pickup Truck... and that wasn't my fault. Oh yeah, and a 1978 Toyota Corolla. But that wasn't my fault either.

Do you moisturize daily? As needed - can't have that dry scaly skin. The mens don't like that.

Do you shower daily? At least once - usually twice or more. Have to stay clean.

Does a certain smell remind you of anyone or anything? Yeppers - there are certain odors that remind me of certain people - rain in the air reminds me of Danny, certain body-sprays and body washes remind me of Andrew, and there's a particular cologne that reminds me of Cal (he so damn sexy!)

Do you bite your nails? Sometimes, but trying not to do it as often.

Did you ever eat anything really gross on a dare? Nope, but I have had some somewhat disgusting things in my mouth on a few different occasions.

Do you sing in front of people? If I've got a few brewskis in me, I"ll belt out a tune or two.

Are you a polite person? I'm actually very polite and respectful - unless the person is an ass-clown. I treat people as they treat me.
Can you make money easily? I manage.

Do you care about appearances? I care about my personal appearance and yeah, I do care about appearances to a point. I'm not going to be way out there and make a fool of myself, but at the same time, I'm open minded and am not going to hide my thoughts and opinions and who I am either. It's a fine line, but I walk it well.

Do you make your bed every morning? Every morning? Nope. But most mornings, I do at least straighten it up a little bit.

Last text was from? My sister, Lynn. She was trying to call the house and couldn't get through because I was talking to Cal (three times today - I'm happy!) - and was getting frantic because she wanted to talk to our mother. So I finished my phone call, told Ma to call her and that oh so important call, that she HAD to get through with and was frantic about - she wanted a ride to the store (2 blocks from her house) to get cigs. What the...??. She wanted someone to drive from this house to her apt and pick her up and take her to the store, that she can see from her apartment, to get smokes. Guess what? It didn't happen!

Last time you had to use an anti-itch oitment? Last time I can remember, I was like 7 or 8 years old and got into some poison oak. OUCH!

would you rather be 3'11" or 8'2"? 3' 11" - cause I'd still be awesome, still be a sexy beast and be a top tier midget wrestling world champion... cause that's how I roll... lol


  1. Wow, that was a lot. I bet your brain is going all the time :] Your profile said that you like comics. TheURBANFANBOY.com just got online. Maybe they'll let you be a member. You should try.

  2. Thanks for the comments. Yeah, my mind is almost always racing and going - it's hard to stay focused sometimes, but I'm trying. I love comics and from the time I was little up until just a few years ago, I collected them. Currently have thousands of older comics, but no longer collect. Got too expensive & bills have to be paid. I'll check out that site. Might be fun. Thanks again!