Friday, October 7, 2011

(Retro) Tossing Salt Book Review - "Strong Arms Of The Law" by Vickie Kennedy - January 17, 2005


The book I'm reviewing for this edition of "TS" is
"Strong Arms of the Law" by Vickie Kennedy. And in
case you're wondering why I'm reviewing a
non-wrestling book in a wrestling column - there are
two reasons. 1. The book is that damn good! And 2.
The author, Vickie Kennedy is the wife of Kronik
member Bryan Clark. I ordered the book a few weeks
ago and it arrived in the mail yesterday afternoon. I
started reading it last night before I went to work,
and instantly drawn into the story. It is that good.

It's the story of a young lady named Lori - she leaves
her hometown to escape a life of abuse and torture at
the hands of her ex-lover, Joshua (who looks
remarkable like Brian Adams on the book cover). She
tries to start rebuilding a new life, but is haunted
by the memories of what was. Fate intervenes and she
becomes involved with a police officer by the name of
Tony (who looks remarkably like Bryan Clark on the
book cover) - and he helps her break through the walls
and barriers built up after years of abuse. But all
is not happy and blissful as Joshua returns into the
picture looking to take back what he feels is his...
or at least make sure Lori doesn't end up with anyone
else. It has tears. It has drama. It has happiness.
It has suspense. And it moves quickly enough that
the book is hard to put down. It also touches
strongly on the subject of domestic violence and
really offers great insights to a very serious issue
without being too technical or preachy.

Vickie has really outdone herself with this book and
the characters. They're strong and real characters.
They'll make you laugh - make you cry - and you can
feel the emotion and energy coming forth from every
page. The book is a fantastic story and fantastic

If you're interested in reading this book, go check
out and just enter Vickie
Kennedy's name for ordering information. Or enter the
book title "Strong Arms of the Law!". I strongly
reccomend you check out this book if you get the
opportunity. Remember, reading is fundamental... and
this book is really, truly... that damn good! Belee'
dat, playaz!

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