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Six MInutes: October 22, 2011

Six Minutes
October 22, 2011
Doug Maynard

I told you I'd be back. Just hours after wrapping up another award winning edition of professional wrestling's most eclectic column, "Tossing Salt - Worldwide News", I'm back again to finish taking care of bid'ness. And that is, of course, WWE Vengeance, which takes place tomorrow night on pay per view. Didn't we just do a PPV? Well, we had TNA Bound For Glory, AWE The Night Of Legends (which blew chunks majorly), WWE Hell In A Cell and wasn't there one more two weeks before that? Oh yeah, the WWE Night of Champions. I'm pretty much pay per viewed out by now and I know most wrestling fans probably are as well. This buyrate for this show is going to be bad. Real bad! And it's kind of sad because of all of the shows in the past seven weeks (five of them), the match line-up actually looks to be pretty solid and entertaining.

So I'm going to do my thoughts and predictions on each match for this event. Doesn't that sound like fun? And since it got such great response the last time I did it *rolls eyes in a sarcastic manner*, I'm going to do some more "One On One" match-ups. The stars of yesterday versus the stars of today from TNA Impact Wrestling. Sounds like a full column to me, or close enough anyhow, so let's get this party started. I'm Doug and I'm your American Idol. It's true - it's damn true. Let's do this.

Happy Birthday to my Mom, Evelyn Brannan, who turns a young 75 tomorrow (Sunday). Love you, Ma!

WWE Vengeance 2011 PPV Thoughts & Predictions:

WWE Championship Match - Last Man Standing
Alberto Del Rio (c) versus John Cena

So far, Del Rio has yet to score a pin over the WWE Golden Boy, John Cena. But luckily for him, this match has nothing to do with pins or submissions. All you have to do is incapictate your opponent for the count of ten to win. I can't see the WWE taking the title off of Del Rio yet after only four weeks. If Del Rio loses the title this early, they may as well give him a cheerleader's outfit and cover him in crap before cramming him in a box and shipping him off to OVW. It would be that bad a burial.

Cena doesn't need to be the champion and since the feud with The Rock is just fixing to get geared up to lead into Survivor Series, it's better to move Cena away from the title picture alltogether and lets others have a chance to enjoy the spotlight for a bit. Look for lots of outside interference from Ricardo and shenanigans galore as Del Rio manages to cheat a way to the victory and retain his WWE Championship.

Winner and STILL Champion: Alberto Del Rio

World Championship Match
Mark Henry (c) versus The Big Show

Henry is doing great as the Champion and this is only the first match in what I expect to be a stiff and brutal feud to lead up to Survivor Series. I can't see Show taking a defeat, but I can't see Mark Henry losing the title either so I'll go for a non-finish to this match, which keeps both men strong.

Double Disqualification Ending - Mark Henry retains the World Heavyweight Championship

United States Championship Match
Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero versus Zack Ryder

Woo Woo Woo - Zack Ryder wins the gold. Are you serious, bro? You know it!

Winner and NEW United States Champion: "Long Island Ice Z", Zack Ryder

World Tag Team Championship Match
Air Boom - Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne (c) versus Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger w/ Vickie Guerrero

I'm not sure how serious Bourne is hurt after suffering a stinger last week on RAW, but he hasn't wrestled on TV or at the house events since. Air Boom (hate that name) have done a good job of helping to rebuild the tag team division in their short time as champions, but Ziggler and Swagger, along with Vickie are slightly higher on the ladder in WWE Management's eyes and I can see them as the favorites here. So look for a Vickie distraction (and some possible interference by David Otunga) and the titles are changing hands. Dolph loses one belt but gains another with tag team gold.

Winners and NEW WWE World Tag Team Champions: Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger w/ Vickie Guerrero

Divas Championship Match
Beth Phoenix (c) versus Eve Torres

Beth squash! Beth smash! Eve screams! Beth keep title! 'Nuff said!

Winner and STILL WWE DIva's Champion: Beth Phoenix

Sheamus versus Christian

Sheamus won at the last PPV rather easily. Therefore, this time it's Christian's turn. He gets sneaky and cheats and steals a win. And then he can use this win to ask for (guess what?) "one more match" for the World title. He won't get it because Sheamus will be there to kick his butt. The dark horse match of the night and the "Creepy Little Bastard" comes out with the arm raised and takes that trip to the pay window.

Winner: Christian

Randy Orton versus Cody Rhodes

This match is NOT for Rhodes Intercontinental Championship. And champions always lose non-title matches, especially when they're facing Randy Orton. Orton doesn't need a win. Cody does. But when has something like that ever mattered? RKO for the pin.

Winner: Randy Orton

Triple H & CM Punk versus The Awesome Truth (The Miz & R-Truth)

Punk and HHH should not be partners. It's just not right. So I'd look for some tension between the former C.O.O. and the "voice of the voiceless" during the match. And I'd also look for Interim GM for RAW and Vice President of Talent Relations Johnny Ace to get involved in some way,shape or form as well and cause some problems for Hunter and Punk.

How about this? HHH and Punk have the match won, but the referee is distracted by Johnny Ace and doesn't get there in time to make the count. HHH and Punk are PO'ed at the referee and lay him out. We get some shenanigans by Miz and Truth and a chairshot or low blow later, they pick up the win when Ace slides into the ring to play referee and make a fast three count for them. HHH & Punk lose - Miz & Truth win. That'd be awesome and that is the truth.

Winners: The Miz & R-Truth

And there you go. My predictions and guesstimations about the matches for Vengeance this upcoming Sunday night on pay per view. I expect that it's going to be a good show. Too bad nobody is going to see it. Let's move on to a little "One On One" action.

One On One - Stars of Yesterday versus The Stars of Today (AWA versus WWE)

What I do here is take the stars of yesterday, place them up against the stars of today in match-ups and then do some fantasy booking, if you will, and attempt to determine if this match-up could actually take place, who would win. Pretty simple, right? I think so.

Five match-ups this week. For the legends team, I'm going back to November, 1987 and the official rankings for the American Wrestling Association (AWA), as determined by Celebrity Wrestling Magazine, matching up against the stars of the WWE, as ranked by and their "Power 25" rankings for the period ending October 22, 2011. Let's do this...

Nick Bockwinkle versus John Cena

This would be a interesting match to see. Bockwinkle was a thinking man's wrestler who wore down and outsmarted his opponents. Cena is more of a power-based guy, who knows some moves, but tends more just run over his opponents. Cena definitely has the size, speed and strength advantages. Bockwinkle would have the edge in experience and actual wrestling knowledge. I can't see Bockwinkle, as good as he was, pinning John Cena. Cena is too strong. But at the same time, I don't think that Cena is smart enough to pin Bockwinkle either. If this match was to happen, Nick would either get himself disqualified or counted out to avoid being pinned and suffering a loss, much like he would usually do when he faced Hogan or Scott Hall back in the day.

Winner by DQ: John Cena

Curt Hennig versus Mark Henry

Mark Henry has been looking great for the past few months, but against someone like Curt Hennig, would that be enough. This was the time period not long after Curt's AWA World Championship win and he was on fire then, working a slightly more reckless style than we saw later when he came to the WWE as "Mr. Perfect". He was so smooth in the ring back then and really starting to come into his own. I think Henry would dominate most of this match and probably beat Curt within an inch of his life, but as the match went on, Curt would get stronger and better. Henry would wear himself down and Hennig would sneak in and grab a pin to get the win.

Winner: Curt Hennig

Larry Zbyszko versus Randy Orton

Larry would stall and delay for thirty minutes before the match ever got started and would be constantly talking and frustrating Randy and the referee and the fans. Randy would work the high impact hit and move offense, while Zbyszko would try to get Orton down to the mat and wear him down. This would be a fun match of conflicting styles, but in the end, as much as I hate to admit it, the "Viper" would come out on top after Larry gets distracted and gets caught with a vicious RKO.

Winner: Randy Orton

Col. Debeers versus CM Punk

This would be a five-star match to be sure. The main thing most people remember about DeBeers is his racist comments and over-the-top character. But he was actually a damn good wrestler too. CM Punk might like to drop "pipe bombs" on occasion, but with DeBeers, every single thing he said was capable of starting an inferno. Forget the match - just the promos with these guys would be incredible. Punk, I think has the edge in speed. DeBeers definitely has the power advantage. And the experience factor would run about equal. Flip a coin with these two because it could easily go either way. I'd go with DeBeers, just because I don't like Punk teaming up with HHH and Cena these days. So DeBeers blasts Punk into the ringpost and gets a tainted win with his feet on the ropes for leverage.

Winner: Col. DeBeers

"Playboy" Buddy Rose versus Alberto Del Rio

Another match that would be fun to see, especially if you figure in the outside factors, Sherri Martel for Rose and Ricardo Rodriguez for Del Rio, both of who you know would get involved. Del Rio is in better shape and easily the quicker of the two men. Rose looks like the Dough Boy, but moved well for a guy his size and was amazingly agile and surprisingly strong. Del Rio is probably the better wrestler of the two men, but Rose has a big experience advantage. And he's got Sherri, which is a far bigger factor than Ricardo could ever hope to be. It'd be a very competitive match from start to finish, but in the end, we'd get Sherri reaching in and raking the eyes of Del Rio, allowing Rose to capitalize and get the pin.

Winner: "Playboy" Buddy Rose

So there you go - the AWA Old Timers win (3-2) over the WWE Superstars. Just my opinion, but I'm probably right.

And I guess that's all for me today. Thank you for reading. Questions and comments can be sent to And if you want to catch up on all things Dougie, including wrestling columns, short stories, political commentary, surveys and lots of other fun stuff, go check out my blogsite at It's no holds barred and anything goes. Check it out.

I'm Doug and I am out of here. Until the next time, take care and please always remain a fan. And don't forget to eat plenty of cheese.


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