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(Retro) Monday Night RAW Recap - October 12, 2003

Monday Night Raw Recap - 10/13/03

What up all? This is Doug M. with the Monday Night Raw Recap. It's live from Pittsburgh, PA on Monday, OCtober 13, 2003. The guys calling the action are JR and the King. Now, let's get RAW...

We start off with Terri talking to Ric Flair and Randy Orton. She asks about the bounty on Goldberg's head. Flair is on crutches. Flair and Orton spy HBK walking by and go talk to him. Flair gives a massive pep talk to HBK as only the Nature Boy can do. They want HBK to take out Goldberg - if not for the money, then for himself...

Opening montage, fireworks and we are live on the air...

They start off with a video replay of the limosine smash-bang-crash last week involving Kane and Shane McMahon. A voice interupts and Chris Jericho and Christian are in the ring. Chris does his anti-Austin rant of the night - and then turns his attentions to Shane O'Mac. They show footage from Louisville, KY house-show where Shane breaks the foot of Test. Christian gets on the mic and takes his turn at trashing Shane.

Here comes the money! It's Shane O' Mac to the ring. He mocks Vitamin C. for a bit and here comes La Res Lite (Rene Dupree & Rob Conway) to the ramp. They blame their problems on Stone Cold. An attack on Shane O' to send a message to Stone Cold - it's 4 on 1.

Here come those damn Dudleyz to clear the ring and save Shane. Bubba challenges Vitamin C & La Res Lite to a match "right now". The French-Canadian connection confers and says "NO".

In the garage area, Goldberg is unpacking his gear, and a car tries to run him down - he jumps out of the way.

Rob Van Dam versus Scott Steiner w/ Stacy Keibler..

Before the match - Scott gives Stacy a chair and says for her to give it to him when he says so. Lock up and Steiner in control. Chops and some one man clubbering, followed up by a suplex.RVD lands a slam and a flip. He goes for backdrop, but Steiner plants him with a suplex. Scott tells Stacy to give him the chair and she says no. RVD with kicks, knocks Steiner to the floor. Baseball slide by RVD. Steiner drops RVD on the apron and nails him with the chair. The ref calls for the bell.

Winner by DQ - RVD

Stacy is in the ring. Steiner is hot and threatens her with a chair. Here comes Steve Austin, looking for a fight. He talks junk and eggs Steiner on to "provoke" him. Steiner nails him with a suckerpunch. Austin down, but smiles. He's up and stomps a mudhole in Big Poppa Pump. To the outside and Austin chokes Steiner with a cord.

Back in the ring, Steiner pushes Stacy into Austin and hauls ass. Stone Cold drinks some beer and offers Stacy one. She makes face. He offers another one. She says no. He opens it for her. They toast and she makes a nasty face. So he gives her the Stunner. Austin shrugs, drinks more beer, and heads to the back.

An "Injured" RIc Flair joins JR and the King at the announce position.

Maven versus Rico w/ Miss Jackie

Rico is only on low-flame tonite. Rico starts off in control with a knee and an elbow. A choke, a kick, and some clubbering. A dive into the corner and Maven moves and takes over. Fists and elbows by Maven. Rico fires back with a slap and a spinkick. From out of nowhere, Maven hits a Buffblaster from the top and gets the pin.

Winner: Maven

Like a man possessed, Ric Flair flies down from the announce position and attacks Maven with the crutch. It's classic Nature Boy as he beats the hell out of Maven until the refs pull him off.

Rosey, in his secret identity - talks to Lance Storm. Here is the Hurricane. They have an emergency, so Rosey needs to change. In the phone booth like a good superhero. Rosey climbs in the phone booth to change into his super hero get-up and gets stuck.

JR and King talk about Kane. His condition has been upgraded to "Guarded".

Shane O'Mac is watching the moniter in the back. Here come the Dudleys. Thanks to Steve Austin, there will be an 8 man tables match tonite between Vitamin C (Jericho & Christian), and La Res Lite (Dupree & Conway) versus The Dudleys, Shane O' Mac, and a partner of their choice.

Goldberg talks to a stagehand and tells him to keep his eyes open. A box falls from above, narrowly missing Goldberg.

Goldberg goes to the ring. He says if anyone wants the bounty - come get it. And here comes.... Shawn Michaels. HBK wants an explanation for the spear last week. He owes Goldy one. From out of nowhere, it's Tommy Dreamer attacking Goldberg. HBK just watches as Goldy dispenses with Dreamer.. Here's Ric Flair, telling HBK to "get Goldberg". Wait a second, playa! Mark Henry and Teddy LOng are out. They want that bounty. Here comes the voice of reason, Eric Bischoff. He makes a handicap match for the main event. Ric Flair, Randy Orton, and Mark Henry (with Teddy Long) versus Goldberg and HBK. Goldberg is not happy.

8 Man Tables Match
Chris Jericho, Christian, Rob Conway, and Rene Dupree
Shane McMahon, The Dudley Boyz , and their mystery partner - Booker T

I won't even try to call this one as it was pure choas from start to finish and I was too busy watching the match to take notes properly. Lots of double teaming and triple teaming. Shane hit a pretty Van-Daminator on Dupree. Christian posts Booker. Dudley's hit the "whassupp!" on Conway. Dudleys set up the table. Jericho in with the flag to clear out the ring. Here comes Spike Dudley with a Dudley Dogg on Jericho. Christian knocks Spike to the floor. Dudley's hit the 3-D on Christian. Booker plants Rob Conway through thetable with a book-end!

Winners: Booker T, The Dudleys, and Shane O'Mac

A video replay look at the RAW houseshows from this past weekend in Louisville, KY, Norfolk, VA, and Wheeling, WV.

Rosey is still stuck in the phone booth as folks just walk on by.
In the ring - the Dudleys, Booker, and Shane are still celebrating. We see a Bubba-roonie and here comes the Coach. He's ready to interview Kane from the hospital room and they need to clear the ring. Again, they show the replay of the limo crash. Shane gets the mic and says he's doing the interview. Booker and the Dudleys carry Coach to the back.

Kane is on the Titan-tron. He's laid out with a doctor by his side. Shane talks junk and the EKG gets louder and faster. Shane wants to settle it all at Survivor Series. The doctor says Kane isn't coherent. Kane sits up and atacks the doctor and nurse. The screen goes dark.

JVC Digital Play of the Night: Lita beats Gail Kim last week on RAW

Lita, Ivory, and Trish versus Molly, Gail Kim, and Victoria w/ Stevie Richards

All six start off fighting. Ivory and Kim square off and Ivory gives Kim a flapjack, and a bulldog. Lita in with fists. Molly lands a neckbreaker and gets 2. Lots of action, back and forth. Stevie attacks Lita on the outside and shoves her into the barrier. Trish lands a roll-up on Victoria for the pin.

Winners: Trish, Ivory, and Lita

Afterwards, Victoria & Stevie decide to beat up and double-team on Trish. Here is Chris Jericho in the ring. He nails Stevie and drives Stevie and Victoria from the ring. He helps up a wary Trish and smiles as he heads to the back.

Video replay of Steiner - Austin from earlier. He opens up a can of whoop-ass on Steiner and gives Stacy a stunner after she doesn't like his beer.
Jericho and Austin run into each other in the back. Austin wants to know what's up between Jericho and Trish. Jericho says that's just the proper way to treat a lady. Here's John Heideriech. He gives Austin a tape to watch and wants an opportunity. Austin says no problem. But Heideriech tells him "Little Johnny" made the tape. OK then! Terri wants an update on Kane. Austin wants a beer. Here's Rosey still locked in the phone booth. Austin really wants that beer now.

Flair is psyched and ready for the match. Get's Orton fired up. Here's Teddy and MArk Henry. They want the bounty. Belee' dat!
Slam of the Week: Goldberg spears HBK last week.

Ric Flair, Randy Orton, and Mark Henry w/ Teddy Long
Goldberg and Shawn Michaels

HBk and Orton trade fists to start. Flair in and it's chop suey time. Back and forth - till Flair decides he wants Goldberg. Goldy in and Flair tries to chop hinm down - to no avail. Orton in and gets backdropped. Big slam on Orton. HBK back in and he and Flair trade chops once more. Goldy in. Spear on Henry. HBK off the top with a elbow, and then a flip to the outside on Flair. A jackhammer on Mark Henry and Goldy gets the pin.
Winners: Goldberg and Shawn Michaels

Goldy and HBK are in the ring. From out of nowhere, it's Goldberg getting introduced to Sweet Chin Music by HBK. And here comes Eric Bischoff. Next week, it's a match for the World Championship - Goldberg versus Shawn Michaels.

And the show ends. A decent show with a lot of twists and turns. Naitch was on fire,and looked great. Some decent matches and some good pacing. Austin stunning Stacy.. never saw it coming. And hopefully the return of the real HBK. Great to see Booker back as well. He looks great. Well, that's it.. That's the recap. Until next time, I'm Doug M. and I always like it RAW....

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