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(Retro) Smackdown Recap - 9/11/03

Smackdown Recap - 9/11/03

What up all? Better late than never, it's the *exclusive* DXSI Smackdown Recap for Thursday, September 11, 2003. SmackDown is taped from Birmingham, AL. The announcers are Michael Cole & Tazz. Let's do this..
We start with a message from WWE saluting the memory of all those who lost their lives or loved ones on 9/11 two years ago.

The opening montage plays - fireworks - and Smack Down is on the air.
Referee Brian Hebner is in the parking lot, showing folks how to put the cars for the Latino Heat Pkg. Lot Brawl later on between Eddie Guerrero & John Cena.

Rey Mysterio & Kidman versus Nunzio and Tajiri

A good match - fast paced. Rey with offense - Tajiri comes back and lands some kicks from out of nowhere. Kidman with a picture perfect dropkick. Just back and forth. A big scene at the end - everyone is in the ring. Nunzio is knocked to the floor. Rey goes for 619 on Tajiri, but Tajiri ducks - a big kick to the head and the pin.

Winners: Nunzio & Tajiri

After the match - Tajiri cold cocked Rey with the Cruiserweight title.
Vince is in the back, talking on the phone and feeling up Sable. Big Show is playing bodyguard. Here's Steph and she gets all on Vince's case. He pleads the 5th and she says he's a liar. More of the bad mouth by Steph and here is Brock. He takes offense at what Steph said. He wants a warm up match against Kurt Angle, Undertaker, & Zach Gowen - all at once. Steph says they're not there. So Brock and Vince decide Brock can wrestle Steph -unless she'd rather quit as SD GM. Steph walks off.

Boot of the Week: Last week - Shaniqua beats the crap out of Dawn Marie, Nidia, & Torrie

Nidia and Torrie try to talk to Dawn Marie about her match with Shaniqua! Dawn says something has to be done.

Shaniqua versus Dawn Marie

A complete squash. Dawn gets a kick in to start and Shaniqua just beats the crap out of her. To the outside and Dawn gets tossed into the stairs. Shaniqua gets a chair and Nidia & Torrie make the save. Torrie nails Shaniqua with a chair and they all run for cover while the Amazon recovers in the middle of the ring.

Steph is doing some thinking -here's Skank to offer some friendly advice. She supports Steph, but if Steph quits, SD will be in good hands.

Chris Benoit versus Rhyno

Benoit controls to start - goes for a crossface, but Rhyno gets out. Back and forth. A-Train interferes on the outside and slams Benoit into the steel ringpost. Rhyno controls with power, but Benoit takes over with chops & suplexes. Rhyno goes to the eyes and applies a sharpshooter.

Benoit makes the ropes. Benoit locks in a sharpshooter and Rhyno makes the ropes. Sunset flip off the top rope by Benoit only gets a two count. Rhyno hits a spinebuster and sets Benoit up for the Gore. Benoit steps aside and applies the crossface. Rhyno taps.

Winner: Chris Benoit

APA has a poker game going. Matt Hardy rags Bradshaw about the way the APA treats Bruce the butler. Then he rags on Shannon Moore. Funny! An argument ensues and a match is made between the APA & The Mattitude team for later. Bradshaw and Ron Simmons drink a toast to all the heroes of 9/11.

John Cena is shown talking to the ref. He's ready for his match.

Rock and Stiffler plug their movie - THE RUNDOWN - coming on August 26

Latino Heat Parking Lot Brawl
Eddie Guerrero versus John Cena

This is a hard match to recap. Just pure brutality. Bodies slammed on cars - Cena choked with a seat belt - A backdrop on the car hood for Eddie - both Cena & Guerrero's faces go through windows. Just two guys beating the hell out of each other. In the end, Cena goes for a FU. Eddie slides out and does a vicious hiptoss onto the hood of a car. From out of nowhere - it's Chavito - CHAVO HAS RETURNED!!! He nails Cena with a hubcap and Eddie does a frogsplasg from the hood of another car to get the win. Afterwards, Eddie and Chavo get in their lowrider and back out of the arena. They lie - they cheat - they steal.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero

APA versus Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore

Matt Facts: Matt rarely uses turn signals
Matt's entertainment center requires 5 remotes.

A complete squash by the APA - Team Mattitude got in a little offense but Bradshaw nailed Shannon with a fall away slam. Matt is tossed to the floor but rebounds with a clothesline off the top to nail Bradshaw. Ron comes in and takes Matt out - Bradshaw nails Shannon with the Clothesline From Hell and the APA gets the win.

Winners - Ron Simmons & Bradshaw - The APA

Afterwards, Brice came to the ring to bring the APA some beer on a covered tray. They drink and celebrate.

Cole & Tazz plug the Sixty Minute Iron Man match for next week between Kurt Angle & Brock Lesnar. Video of Brock being a monsterous SOB is shown.

Stephanie McMahon versus Brock Lesnar.

Vince and Brock are in the ring. Here comes Steph - dressed to fight. She and Vince argue and she slaps him. Brock grabs her and pushes her back in the corner, so she kicks him in the groin. Steph tries to flee the ring, but Vince grabs her leg. So she nails him in the grapefruits.

On the floor, Brock tosses Steph intothe ring barrier. He picks up the ring steps and tosses them in her direction. Steph hauls ass up the ramp to the back, with Brock in hot pursuit. Brock comes from the back with Steph on his shoulders and carries her back to the ring. He sets her up for the F-5 and here comes Kurt Angle to make the save. Brock eats ringpost. Brock and Vince flee as Kurt tosses the steps at them.

End of Show!!!


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