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(Retro) Sunday Night Heat - September 14, 2003

What up all. This is Doug M. coming at you with the *exclusive* Wrestling Informer (and DXSI) Sunday Night Heat report. This week, Heat is coming to you taped from Huntsville, Alabama. Your hosts are the Coach and Al Snow..

But before we go, a quick moment of silence for two legends who passed away earlier this week, Johnny Cash & John Ritter. Lots of love for the Man in Black and his music - and Ritter was the man on TV - from Three's Company up until 8 Simple Rules. RIP guys.. You will definitely be missed..
Opening bit and away we go..
Maven versus Static
Big lock up to start, but no one gets an advantage. Static with a chaeap shot to take control. Maven fights back with a hiptoss and armbar. But Static is taking none of it and fights back. Maven nails an enzugiri and gets 2. Static tries to fight back again, but some one man clubbering by Maven puts an end to that. Maven goes to the top and nails an awful looking DDT/bulldog to put Static down and out.

Winner: Maven

Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak versus Alan Steele & Rude

Lock up. A little action and Cade is in control. Jindrak tagged in and some one man clubbering takes place as Jindrak goes to work. Cade tagged in - misses a dropkick and Sttele and Rude take over with some double-teaming. This goes on for a bit till Cade makes the hot tag to Jindrak. Cade nails a powerbomb and Jindrak with a picture perfect dropkick to score the pin.

Winners: Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade

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A look back at RAW and the cage match between Kane and RVD..

A flashback to the decimation of Goldberg by Evolution at the end of last Monday night.

Terri talks to Val Venis in the back about his upcoming IC title shot against Christian. Val says he wants the IC title and "Christian will end up like all of my co-stars, flat on his back!" All righty then..

Intercontinential Championship Match
Christian versus Val Venis

Lock up and they tussle to the corner. Val breaks clean and Christian nails a cheap shot. Back and forth with several two counts by both men. Val goes to work on the arm. The peeps are unhappy so it all breaks loose with a big time slobberknocker. Val gets 2 and Christian goes to the eyes. A choke on the ropes and commercial time..

Back from commercial - Val does some big Wahoo chops. and a "shades of Arn Anderson" spine buster. Money shot time. But Christian gets the knees up, and Val is hurt. 2 count by Christian. The ref catches an elbow and is stunned. Val nails Christian with a power bomb, but ref is out of position and only counts 2. Some fists are a flying and Christian lands the unprettier to get the win..

A pretty sorry show, to be honest after the past few weeks, but the IC title match at the end almost made up for it. Christian and Val definitely put on an top notch effort and deserve credit for making the show watchable. Cause the other two matches sure didn't help any. Al and COach rambles throughout the show about the issues with JR and the King and the upcoming match at Unforgiven, but I kind of blocked that out after the first couple of self-congratulatory rants..

Not a great show. Stevie Night Heat was definitely missed. Well, that's it. Sorry so short this week, but work beckons and the bill collectors demand I answer the call. See ya'll next Sunday. For comments and questions, contact me here at or Until next week - take it light and see ya at the matches.

-Doug M..

Sunday Night Heat - 9/14/03

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