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(Retro) Sunday Night Heat - October 5, 2003

Sunday Night Heat - 10/05/03

Greetings all and welcome to the Sunday Night Heat Recap! I'm your ringmaster - everyone's favorite degenerate, Doug M. Heat is coming to us tonite from the windy city of Chicago, IL. It's 10/05 and your hosts are the Coach and Al Snow.

We open with footage from RAW last Monday night as Jim Ross catches the Coach in a modified Stunner during the "country whipping match" and covers him for the pin. JR and the King take back the RAW announce position while Coach and Al come back here where they belong and we love them - on Sunday Night Heat!

Opening montage and some fireworks and Heat is on the air.

Spike Dudley versus Rico w/ Miss Jackie Gayda

Spike is in good spirits, but seems a little in shock as Rico and Jackie come to the ring. Rico is flaming hard as always and Jackie just looks hot. The fans are really tearing into Rico. They lock up and Spike locks a waistlock - and Rico likes it. Spike is freaking a bit, but responds with an armdrag. Rico rolls out and keeps on rolling. Funny!

Spike nails a clothesline, a hiptoss, and a dropkick in a fluid motion. And then a stomp for good measure. Spike in control with a headlock, but Rico backs him into a corner and works him over with fists. Spike lands an elbow, and goes for a bulldog, but Rico fights out. He puts the boots to Spike and plants him on the top with a reverse suplex. Spike knocked to the floor.

Back in the ring - Spike in the corner - Rico dives in, but Spike moves. Nobody home. Rico lands a jackknife suplex. Some back and forth fisting and Rico works on the neck. Spike fights back and lands a spear. Jackie on the apron. Spike grabs her and Rico rolls him up from behind. Spike reverses, but Rico reverses again and grabs the tights, rolling Spike up for the pin.

Winner: Rico

During the commercials, there was an ad for Randy Savage's new CD by Big 3 Records. It's coming out on October 7. For more info - go to

WWE Sting of the Night: Kane destroys Hurricane during their match last Monday on RAW!

Tommy Dreamer versus Sheik Shawn Divara

Tommy is introduced and has the kendo stick. Sheik is already in the ring, kneeling on his prayer rug, and praying for a miracle cause he doesn't stand a chance. Lock up and Tommy goes to workon the arm. Sheik rolls out and gets all happy, shoving Dreamer. Tommy gives him a fall-away slam. Sheik nails a dropkick to the leg and starts to work on Tommy's leg.

Tommy lands a clothesline and a backdrop. Tommy nails a bulldog for 2. Sheik goes back to the leg. Tommy plants him with a spinebuster for 2. Sheik nails Dreamer with a DDT and decides to grab his rug and go to the top. I guess we'll call this the "flying carpet". But he takes too long and Dreamer plants him with a vicious DDT to pick up the pin.

Winner: Tommy Dreamer.

After the match, Tommy gets his kendo stick and gives Sheik a good whack -just for good measure.

From RAW on Monday night - HHH puts a $100,000 bounty on the head of Goldberg.

More highlights from Monday's show as we see the end of the Goldberg/HBK match versus Ric Flair/Randy Orton. The thuggin' and buggin' crew attack. Rodney Mack goes after Goldberg and gets to "feel the hype" - while Mark Henry takes out HBK. Tommorow night on RAW -it's Goldberg versus Mark Henry.

A look at THE RUNDOWN starring the Rock and Seann Williams Scott. A belated Happy Birthday to Seann who turned 27 on this past Friday. During the shooting of the movie, Rock did his own stunts. I got a chance to see the movie earlier this week and it is a great movie - funny with a great mix of action and comedy. If you haven't seen it yet, do so soon, because to paraphrase Triple H - it is "that damn good"... You won't regret it. I promise you that..

Wrestlemania Recall: From 1985. Andre the Giant slams Big John Studd as Bobby Heenan looks on and nearly gives himself a stroke. Heenan was, is, and will always be the best ringside manager ever. And he's a pretty good anouncer too. Ha!

Coach and Al plug Wrestlemania XX as we look at the humanoids who stood in line last week to try and buy tickets at MSG in New York. Tickets sold out in 2 hours.

Rodney Mack w/Theodore Long versus Kenny Anderson

Mack attacks Anderson even before they can introduce the dude. So much for his big moment on Heat! It's all Mack, but Anderson hits a dropkick. Mack lands a one-man flapjack and just starts dropping elbow after elbow on this guy. Anderson tries to fight back, but Mack lands a clothesline and a big powerslam to pick up the win. Basically, just a white man challenge - and a squash.

Winner: Rodney Mack

A look back at RAW and the ladder match for the Intercontinential championship between Christian and RVD - complete with highlights and theme music. A great video package. Both men put on a great match and did themselves proud. RVD wins in the end, following a five-star off the top of the ladder. Congrats to the new IC champ.

Some exclusive HEAT footage -shows RVD after RAW went off the air- celebrating with the fans at ringside.

WWE Rewind: The Bad Attitude Trio of Molly, Gail, and Victoria decimate Trish and Lita last Monday night on RAW..

Jacquiline, looking oh so very hot - comes to the ring as the referee for the next match.

Mr. Excitement Lance Storm versus Stevie Night Heat - Stevie Richards with Victoria.

Lance comes out doing the cabbage patch. Funny. Stevie and Victoria look demented as ever. Lock up and Lance gets a headlock. Stevie comes backand goes to work on the arm. Lance lands a hiptoss and dropkick. And here comes Val Venis out to the ramp, carrying a video camera, which distracts both Stevie and Lance. Stevie continues to work on the arm - but Lance hits him with a crossbody for 2. Stevie lands some knees and hits a Stevieplex for 2. Stevie chokes Lance and Jacquiline pulls him off.

Victoria takes advantage and nails lance with a legdrop. Stevie with the "Iron Sheik Camel Clutch of Doom!". Lance fights his way out and nails a spinkick. A brainbuster suplex by Lance and he gets 2. (I guess with Stevie, there weren't many brains to bust!) Back and forth boots and Lance nails a sit-out slam. Half-crab by Lance. Victoria climbs to the apron and Lance flips her into the ring. Stevie charges, but Lance moves and Stevie nails Victoria. A missle dropkick from the top and Lance picks up the win. Lance dances as the show goes off the air.

A good episode of Heat. Coach and Al were bickering all throughout the show because of Coach's losing them the announce jobs from RAW. But it was funny. The matches were good - a little short, but it made the hour fly by. RAW looks good for tommorow night as Shane O'Mac is supposed to be in the house, plus we find out more about the reprocussions of Stone Cold defying the suspension last week and showing up all throughout the show. I can't wait..

Well that's it for now, but I'll see ya'll again tommorow night with the RAW recap. Also, keep an eye out for "Tossing Salt - Wrestling From the Land of the Rising Sun" exclusively here on the Wrestling Informer.

Questions and comments -don't be shy. Contact me at or else I want to hear from all the Informer fans. Well, that's it.. Until next time - I've got two words for you - "STAY COOL!" (WHat did you think I was going to say? Ha!) Night all..

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