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(Retro) All Time Top World Champions - August 7, 2003

I did the list of Mark Madden's pick and then decided to list my own picks for the all-time topdogs in the WCW, WWE, ECW and the AWA.. They are as follows...

WCW All-Time Top World Champs

10. - Hulk Hogan - I don't like Hogan - never have - but his name as WCW champ gave the federation a fan base and credibility it had never experienced before..

9. Jeff Jarrett - He helped restore credibility to a title that had been stripped of all respect by champs such as Vince Russo and David Arquette... One of the all-time most underrated..

8. Booker T - see Jeff Jarrett... He was a champ that made WCW proud again..

7. Lex Lugar - after Flair left to go to the WWF, WCW needed someone to keep the ship afloat. Lugar stepped in and did a great job in upholding the legacy of the title..

6. Sting - truly the WCW ultimate franchise player..

5. Barry Windham - becoming the NWA champ helped the belt mean something again.. To have Windham and Flair feuding over the title elevated it just that much more.. He had the potential to be one of the all time very best in the business - very under-rated..

4. Dusty Rhodes - I hated Dusty - still hate Dusty - but the fans loved "the son of a plumber" and I guess that's really all that counts..

3. Vader - can you find a meaner and tougher SOB anywhere.. A big man that could wrestle and fly.. Great world champ..

2. Harley Race - just tough as nails and awesome performer. Not flashy at all - soft spoken, but just demanded respect..

1. Ric Flair - the greatest of all time - the Nature Boy. Can make anyone look good in the ring - the best all time promo guy in the business - the "real" total package.. Diamonds are forever and so is Ric Flair..

And now, let's check out the WWF/WWE.....

10. Bruno Sammartino - never say him wrestle, but his rep speaks wonders.. The second WWF champ, and the two longest reigns as WWF champ.. He deserves his spot in the Hall of Fame.. What about it, VInce?

9. The Rock - the most electrifying man in sports entertainment and he's still got his best years ahead of him.. He's Mr. Hollywood right now, but if he ever decided to concetrate on wrestling full-time again - he could probably be the best ever..

8. Bob Backlund - not flashy - kind of boring - but just that damn good!

7. Triple H - when he wants to be, Triple H can go with the best of them.. He is truly "the Game!"

6. Yokozuna - the man was just huge.. But he could really go when he had to.. Just a monster...

5. Hulk Hogan - for so many years - he was the WWF.. A lousy performer and a backstage politician, but what charisma!! The first true "superstar"..

4. Kurt Angle - Our Olympic Hero.. The man who practices intensity, integrity,and intelligence.. He's wrestled with a broken freakin' neck.. He's just awesome.. It's true - it's true..

3.. Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels - say what you want about Shawn -the man could just out and out go.. Without any doubts - he is the "showstopper" and a true living legend...

2. Stone Cold Steve Austin - If there hadn't been a Stone Cold, there likely wouldn't have been a WWE now.. His character caught the attention of the world - he took the ball and ran with it to the touchown many times.. The baddest SOB in wrestling today..

1. Bret Hart - his own little catchphrase says it all - "the best there is, was, and ever will be".. truly 'nuff said..

Now let's do the ECW and the AWA.. I'm not as up on them as I am on WCW and WWE, so I'll limit it to the Top 5 World Champs of All Time..


5. The Sandman - when you speak of Extreme - and trash wrestling - Sandy is at the top of the charts..

4. Mike Awesome - his name says it all - "Awesome"!

3. Taz - the master of the suplex - the mood was about to change and everyone else was just another victim!

2. Raven - What about Raven? He's just an incredible performer and reeks of ECW greatness..

1. Shane Douglas - he threw the NWA title in the trash for the sake of ECW - he was truly the franchise player and their greatest champion..


The American Wrestling Association (AWA)

5. Rick Martel - had it all - looks, popularity, good on the mic,and the guy could really wrestle..

4. Stan Hansen - the wild cowboy was mean, ugly, rude, and just didn't give a f***! But he was also one of the toughest and best world champs ever..

3. Larry Zbyszko - the living legend. He retired Bruno - He retired Nick Bockwinkle - and he retired the AWA championship.. A true master of the game of human chess..

2. Verne Gagne = he owned the company and was AWA champ more times than I can count. A master of wrestling science and a legend in the business

1. Nick Bockwinkle - the ultimate thinking man's wrestler.. He was the first "cool" rulebreaker and had a sense of honor about him.. Awesome performer in the ring and a true class act, both in and out of the ring..

Well, those are my lists and my opinions? Any comments or feedback? Let me know..



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