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(Retro) Top Ten Finishing Holds - August 3, 2003

Top Ten Finishing Holds - August 3, 2003

Just because I have nothing to do right now, here are the Top 10 finishing holds - holds that when applied - the match is pretty much done for.. This list is just my opinions, but I want to hear from everyone as to what ya'll consider the top - stick a fork in 'em - they're done for - moves.. Here's my list..

10. Ric Flair's figure four! - I know he hasn't won a match with it in about 10 years, but Flair is the man, and if he likes to use the figure 4, then it goes on the list...

9. Sharpshooter by Bret Hart (Also known as the Scorpion Deathlock used by Sting)!

8. Twist of Fate - Matt Hardy - Matt doesn't win many matches with this anymore, but he reeks of Mattitude every time he uses it..

7. Rock Bottom by Mr. Hollywood - also known as the 'bookend'.. Plants 'em for the big finish everytime...

6. Ankle-Lock by Kurt Angle - such a simple move - but so damn painful..

5. Walls of Jericho - Yeah, it's just a modified Boston Crab, but Y2J used it to beat HBK (all by himself), so it get's included..

4. Diamond Cutter/Stone Cold Stunner - whether done by DDP or Stone Cold, it's basically the same move and has the same effect - "BANG"!

3. Crippler Crossface - Chris Benoit's favorite way to make everyone tap...

2. Last Ride - Basically a jack-knife powerbomb with an extra-kick - when this move is applied - the match is over - 'nuff said..

1. The Pedigree - the move isn't so great, but Triple H has used it to beat HBK, Booker, Scott Steiner, The Rock, Mick Foley, Kane, RVD, & Kevin Nash, so there's got to be something to it..Maybe it's just the man applying it, but you can't argue with success, so it gets the nod for top finishing move..

Honorable mention goes to the Mandible Claw - done so well by Mick Foley and Mr. Socko.. It would have gotten a spot on this list, but I honestly forgot about it until just now.. That's my list - so any comments or alternate lists? Suckah's gotta know..


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