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(Retro) Smackdown - The Recap: July 24, 2003

Smackdown - the recap!!!

WWE Smackdown from Fresno, CA - 7/24/03

Hosts are Tazz and Michael Cole

Video Recap of the action from week - Kurt versus Big Show and The Worlds Greatest Tag Team

Opening Montage (Why is the Rock in the opening montage for both RAW & Smackdown?)

Here comes Steph to the ring. She's taking back the show tonite - Dad is with Linda - the main event will be a six-man tag: Brock, Kurt, and Zach versus The Big Show and Benjamin/Haas. I had to go answer the phone - damn telemarketer bastards - I come back and Sable is on the big screen, being a bitch. Tells Steph, if you want me then come get me. Steph leaves the ring to go get her some..

Sunday at Vengeance: Zach Gowen versus Mr. McMahon

Steph is in the back looking for Sable, scares the hell out of Torrie

Rey Mysterio and Kidman versus Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore

Matt Facts: Mattitude is considered sacred in Japan

Matt defeated Kidman and Mysterio on consecutive PPV's.

A good match - fast paced with mostly Matt & Shannon in control. Alot of double-teaming by Team Mattitude. In the end, Matt is taken over the top and out of the ring by Rey - Kidman hits the dropkick on Shannon, setting him up for the 619. Kidman goes for the shooting star press and gets the pin over Shannon.

Winners: Kidman and Rey Mysterio

Sable is standing by a limo - here's Steph. Catfight! Steph rips Sable's top off and the whole world sees "puppies"! But Sable's puppies are nasty - they have a big black bar across them - what up with that? Sable gets in limo - Steph grabs a pipe to bust out the window,and here's Vinnie-Mac. He talks junk - the limo drives away and Steph throws a tantrum..

Jamie Noble comes to the ring. Nidia isn't there tonite cause she's sick. He talks about Torrie Wilson. Here comes Mr. Ass

Jamie Noble versus Mr.Ass Billy Gunn

A complete squash. Billy stomps a mudhole in Jamie. Noble ducks and Billy flies to the outside. Jamie stomps him and stalks Torrie. She runs - he chases - and Billy with a bone-jarring slam. !-2-3.

Winner: Billy Gunn

Jamie gets the mic again - he's not done. He's better than Billy at everything.

Billy gets ready to stomp him again - Torrie makes a challenge. If Jamie beats Billy at Vengeance - she'll sleep with him, next week on Smackdown. Torrie and Billy leave..

Highlights of Far East tour by Smackdown superstars last week...

Triple Threat - Brock versus Kurt versus Big Show - Sunday at Vengeance

APA is in back. Here's A-Train. They invite him to their brawl. Talk trash about the easter bunny. Here's Brooklyn Brawler Steve Lombardi. He wants an invatation. They tell him to prove himself before Sunday..

Tazz and Cole plug Vengeance

John Cena is standing in the middle of a flaming pentagram as he cuts a rap promo for his match with the Taker on Sunday. Taker will be his bitch!

Slam of the Week - Eddie steals the win over Billy Gunn last week.

Eddie Guerrero comes to the ring, driving a 64 Impala. Nice car. He polishes it up and gets the mic. Plugs match with his "best friend" Chris Benoit. Here comes the Crippler. They hug and Chris rags on Eddie. They're not best friends. Back and forth dissing. Eddie says he hates Chris. Blah Blah Blah!

Eddie starts to leave - Chris says prove me wrong! Eddie says no - wait till Sunday. He leaves - Benoit turns the back - and here's Guerrero. A fight to the outside and Eddie sprays car wax in Benoit's eyes and posts him. Stompfest till Rhyno breaks it up. The refs tend to Benoit as Rhyno gets in the ring and challenges Eddie to a match. Eddie says no - Rhyno says Eddie has no balls - and we get a commercial..

Eddie Guerrero versus Rhyno

They're wrestling when the show comes back, so I guess we got a match. Back and forth. Eddie hits a fantastic Frankensteiner towards the end. Rhyno comes back with a belly to belly suplex. Gore by Rhyno, but Eddie pulls the ref in the way. Low blow by Eddie. He sells a low blow too - hits a dropkick and puts hit feet on ropes to pin Rhyno.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero

Wrestlemania Recall - 1988 -- Andre the Giant choking the mess out of Bob Euker

The FBI versus The APA

FBI attacks at the bell - APA fights back. Palumbo misses a kick and Bradshaw hits the clothesline from hell! Quick squash - Winners; APA

Here comes Brooklyn Brawler with a chair - lays out Bradshaw and Simmons.
Here comes A-Train, The Bashams, and Sean O'Haire. They all just beat the hell out of the APA.

Zach is in the back getting ready. Here's Vince to intimidate him. Here's Kurt and Brock. They intimidate Vince and he gets the hell out of Dodge.
A video rundown of the entire Vengeance card - complete with pictures and a soundtrack

Six Man Tag
The Big Show and the World's Greatest Tag Team
Zach Gowen, Kurt Angle, and Brock Lesnar

Just back and forth - great action by everyone involved. Brock with a pressslam on Haas - tag to Zach. Legdrop by Zach, but he gets double-teamed by WGTT. Tag to Show who just manhandles Gowen. Choke slam by Show, but Brock breaks it up with a clip to Show's leg. Zach tags Kurt and gets knocked to the floor by the Big Show. All hell breaks loose. And here's Vince McMahon with a chair. He nails Zach on the leg and leaves. Kurt and Brock clean house in the ring and come out to check on Zach. The ref's carrying him off as we get a commercial.

The match continues - the WGTT and Kurt put on a clinic. Tag to Brock - forearms to Show - Lesnar clears the ring. Big Show hits a boot to Brock. Goes for chokeslam, but Brock reverses and gets a suplex. Tag to Kurt and the straps come down - ankle-lock on the Show. Brock grabs Haas and goes for F-5, but Haas feet hit Kurt by mistake. The Big Show chokeslams Kurt and gets the pin.

Winners: Big Show, Shelton Benjamin, and Charlie Haas.

After match, Brock attacks Big Show with chair. F-5 on Haas. Brock goes to check on Kurt - they argue and shove - do a few move attempts and reversals,and the Big Show grabs them both with a double-choke slam.

The end.. A decent show, but they plugged the PPV so much, it was almost overkill. The Brooklyn Brawler is back. Big f*ckin' whoo! A good show, but nothing really special.


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