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(Retro) Smackdown Recap - August 14, 2003

UPN Smackdown - 8/14/03 from St Louis, Missouri
Announcers are Tazz and Michael Cole

Opening Montage (featuring the Rock who is on RAW, when not in Hollywood!)
Here comes Vince McMahon to the ring. They show a video recap of the antics of Brock, Vince, and Kurt from last week. He introduces Brock - who says Kurt is not his friend and stopped being his friend at Summerslam. Vince makes the match - Brock versus Kurt at SS for the WWE Championship.

Here comes Steph to the ring. She mouths off to Vince - she's in rare PMS mode. Vince makes some remarks about Stephanie and Linda and Steph goes to slap him, but Brock grabs her arm. Vince makes match for tonite - Stephanie versus A-Train...

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Rey Mysterio and Kidman versus The (self-proclaimed) World's Greatest Tag Team

Haas & Kidman to start. Back & forth. Kidman works on the arm - tag to Shelton and double-team by the WGTT. They work on the leg. Kidman hits the snake-eyes and makes hot tag to Rey. Rey on fire. Bulldog on Haas. Shelton lands a suplex. Haas goes to the outside - nailed by a cross-body by Kidman. Rey hits the huracaranna on Shelton. Long 2 count and commercial. Back from commercial - Kidman sets Shelton up for the 619, but Rey flipped to the outside by Haas. The WGTT take over and dominate - kicks, chokes, and a long bearhug. Rey fights back and goes to the top. Crossbody by Rey countered by dropkick by Haas. Both guys tag. Kidman on fire and takes control. Flips, slams, and suplexes by Kidman -powerslam on Haas. Haas nails Kidman with a suplex and goes for the pin. Rey breaks it up with a legdrop off the top. Back and forth again. Haas sets Kidman in the corner - goes for superplex, but Rey intereres and flips him off. Kidman with shooting star press. Rey hits the 619 on Shelton - ref is distracted and only gets 2. Rey grabs the title belt - Ref is distracted by Rey - Shelton nails Kidman with the other belt - and Haas covers for the pin.

Winners: Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin (The World's Greatest Tag Team!)

WWE Cool Color of the Night: Billy Gunn saves Jamie Noble last week from Basham brother beatdown..

Mr. Ass with Torrie Wilson versus Danny Basham w/Doug Basham and Shaniquia
The Bashams are in the ring - Billy charges the ring and cleans house. Clotheslines and fists as Billy keeps control. Shaniquia grabs Torrie and throws her in the ring. Ref is distracted by Torrie and the Bashams double-team - ball & chain on Billy Gunn. Danny makes the cover and pin.. Winner: Danny Basham.

The Bashams come back to the ring and lay out Billy. They corner Torrie and Shaniquia gives her big slam. Here comes Jamie and Nidia. Jamie takes on both Basham's while Nidia puts a sleeper hold on Shaniquia. Nidia flipped over and the Bashams beat down Jamie and Nidia. A spinebuster from the top for Jamie and Nidia gets powerbombed by Shaniquia.

The APA is watching on moniters in the back. Ron thinks they should start the business back up again. Bradshaw thinks that Shaniquia is Shelton Benjamin in drag. Shows some pics - Ron says "damn!".. Short and funny....

Big Show is shown coming out of Vince's office..

Undertaker versus Big Show

Lock up and the Show tosses Taker around. Taker comes back and works on the arm. Show starts clubbering away on the Taker, but the Dead man hits a big DDT. A kick to the head and a legdrop on the ring apron - it's all Undertaker. Old School time.

Show hits a side-slam and takes control, working on the ribs. Taker comes back flying and knocks the Show to the mat. It's all Taker now, till he goes for a chokeslam on the 500lb Giant. Show whips the Taker into the ref - he's down. SHow goes for a big kick, but Taker moves. Show straddles the rope for a sec, and falls to the outside. Taker eats the steps - Show eats the ringpost - Taker clotheslines Show over the barricade into the audience. They fight amongst the crowd and back towards the ring. Here's A-Train with a 2x4 - nails Taker in the ribs with it. The ref is counting.. Big Show rolls into the ring to beat the count.

Winner by Count-Out - The Big SHow..

The Medics are checking on Undertaker in the back..

Eddie comes out in his lowrider - he goes to the announce position. And here's Chris Benoit. He comes to the announce position also,and takes a seat next to Eddie.

Rhyno versus Tajiri

All throughout the match - Eddie and Benoit were talking crap on the sidelines to each other - Eddie was trying to play the heel and Benoit was playing the role of best friend. Just funny stuff.. In the match - Kicks, kicks,and more kicks back and forth. Tajiri with Tarantula. But Rhyno hits a powerbomb. Rhyno takes the padding off the middle turnbuckle. Tajiri slammed into corner. Rhyno goes for gore - misses and hits exposed turnbuckle. Tajiri with kick to the head -

Winner: Tajiri

Eddie starts to leave, but Benoit follows him. He wants to ride in the lowrider. Eddie says no at first, but agrees. benoit climbs in and tells Eddie to make it do the jumping thing - Eddie gets pissed and jumps out of truck, walking up the ramp. Just a funny segment. The chemistry between theses guys is great..

Zach Gowen versus John Cena

Cena starts off with funny bit - all sorts of comments about Cena's one leg - ends with a comment about his 3rd one. Funny. Zach rolls around - Cena back him in the corner and works him over. Cena stomps a mudhole in Zach. Just tosses him around. Zach fights back, but gets caught in a backdrop by Cena. Cena goes for F-U, but puts Zach down. - and sets him up for an F-U from the 2nd turnbuckle. Zach reverses with a slam on Cena's shoulder. Springboard and sidekick by Zach, followed up by a bulldog. Zach goes to the top, but Cena catches him. F-U by Cena and the pin.

Winner: John Cena

Video replay of A-Train attacking Undertaker last week and earlier tonite..

Steph is in the back - and here's the A-Train. He tries to intimidate her and then tries to hit on her. She puts on her "scared" face..

During the break - the ref is helping Zach Gowen to the back. Here's Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore with cheapshot attack from behind - lay Zach out.
Orlando Jordan, Spanky, and Funaki are in the back. Spanky is chugging chocolate syrup and accidentially gets some on Vince McMahon's jacket. Spanky apologizes, but Vince goes off on him. Spanky brings up the XFL and Vince tells him he's wrestling Brock Lesner, next..

Brock Lesnar versus Spanky

Spanky charges the ring - Brock just tosses him around and lands a big powerbomb. Again and again and again. Brock gets the chair from ringside and nails Spanky. Ref calls for the bell, but Brock isn't done. Spanky is pouring blood. Headbutts by Brock and he tosses Spanky to the outside. Throws Spanky into the post. A big "Holy Shit" chant errupted from the audience on this.. Here comes Vince to raise Brock's arm.

Winner by DQ - Spanky

Boot of the Week - A-Train attacks Stephaine at Vengeance..

Vince is in the ring - introduces Sable as the guest ring announcer.
Sable comes to the ring - introduces Steph and announces the match is No Count Out.

Steph tries to get Sable, but the ref stops her. Steph slides past the ref and nails Sable - beating the crap out of her. Here comes the A-Train. He backs her into a corner- she slaps him twice and he just tosses her around the ring. Slams Steph in the corner and looks to Vince who gives a Thumbs down signal. Picks up Steph for the Train Wreck and here comes the Taker down the ramp. Train drops Steph and goes to meet him. They fight, but it's all Undertaker. He hits Train with a chair and here's the Big Show. He nails the Taker with a chair and he and the Train pull a double team on the Dead Man. Train comes back to the ring and does a big splash on Stephanie. Train makes the pin.

Winner: A-Train..

Vince and Sable get in the ring and raise the A-Train's arms in victory. Sable and Vince stand over a fallen Stephanie and make out as the show ends.

It was better than I was expecting. Some decent action with the tag match and the Cena/Zach squash. More of an emphasis on wrestling than skits and comedy and I think it makes for a better show. The A-Train/Steph match was a dud - but I guess we have to have our McMahon wrestling quota for the week.. I thought Taker-Big Show would suck, but the two really worked hard, and it was decent. An OK show - RAW was the better show this week, but the guys at SD are working hard and it's showing - the efforts are paying off.


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