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(Retro) Randy Savage Lyrics For "Be A Man" - August 28, 2003

Randy Savage Lyrics for "Be A Man" - August 28, 2003

Found ths over on Lethal Wrestling.com. Randy Savage, as we all know, is at work on a rap album. One of the songs is "Be A Man" where he pretty much calls out Hulk Hogan. They had the lyrics to that song and they are funny. This is not a parody -it's the real stuff. They also have a review of some of the stuff Macho is recording and say it's pretty decent, so that'll be something to look forward to in the next few months.Anyhow, here are the lyrics to the song, "Be A Man", by Macho Man Randy SAvage.

Huuugh! Hulk Hogan, Hollywood, Hulkster, whatever
they call you, I'm coming after you coward
Diggity damn, Hulkamania, you set it off
used to be hard Hulk, you done turned soft
doing telephone commercials, I seen ya
dancing in tights as a ballerina
I knew all along you had these tendencies
because you've been running from Macho like I got a disease
DUDE please, your pay per view event was a joke
you're avoiding Randy Savage because you know you'll get smoked
come on, that phoney fight, the Rock's way too fast
But when I challenged Hogan to a real fight, he passed
I called him out, but the punk was scared to go
it was a charity even, but the Hulk didn't show
Hollywood, Hulkster, you're at the end of your rope
and I'm gonna kick you in the butt and wash your mouth out with soap
Cause like Rodney Dangerfield, he gets no respect
So come on Hulk, let's wreck so I can put you in check
come on, don't be scurred
you're running from Macho
that's what I heard
BE A MAN Hogan
Come on - don't be a chump..

So that's it. Eminem isn't gonna lose any sleep over the Macho-rap, but it sounds like it could be good and funny. You know Hogan's gonna want to get his copy..

Later all..

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