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(Retro) Some Smackdown Thoughts - August 15, 2003

Some Smackdown Thoughts - August 15, 2003

Just some thoughts about last night and WWE Smackdown!..

What's up with Vince's walk? He looks like he has some killer hemroids and they're highly inflamed.

Is it my imagination or is Steph beginning to look more and more like Chyna every day?

Haas and Benjamin are getting better and better every week and make excellent WWE Tag Team Champs..

On the RAW side of the tag team picture - La Resistance seems to get worse every week.

I love seeing Kidman and Rey team up - they're a great team, but doesn't it sort of neglect the Cruiserweight title to have Rey so involved in the tag team division.

Speaking of Kidman, wasn't it funny how Tazz and Michael Cole kept mentioning that Kidman just got married and just got back from his honeymoon, but they never mentioned who he married..

And a few segements later, here's Torrie Wilson coming out with her "boyfriend" Billy Gunn.. I guess Gunn's push as a singles main-eventer is over..

Zach Gowen got a haircut and has actually lost weight since his WWE debut (he started off around 150lbs - he was introduced as 135lbs last night) - he looks more and more like a fifteen year old kid every day.

Spanky looked great getting his ass kicked last night. He never got in any offense, but last night will probably put him "over" with the fans better than any single match ever could.

Shaniquia really does look like Shelton Benjamin in drag - and I have never seen them together - have any of ya'll..

Doesn't Sable's voice just sound like some rusty old cans getting scrubbed against a concrete wall - it just grates on the nerves real bad..

Big Show has actually looked pretty good in his matches as of late..
OK - that's enough thinking for now and enough random thoughts..

Later all!

- Doug

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