Tuesday, January 24, 2012

(Retro) Summerslam Predictions - 8/21/03

Summerslam Predictions 8/21/03

OK - figure it's time for this - it's my
SummerSlam Predictions!!!!!

Zach Gowen versus Matt Hardy Version 1

This match has been removed from the card so Zach can "recover" from Brock's vicious assault, but if it would happen - Mattitude would rule... 'Nuff said..

A thought here - not a prediction.. Matt is without a match now - Christian needs someone to defend his IC title against - how about a cross-brand match for the IC title between Christian & Matt? Put Christian and a Hardy in the ring together and it's guarenteed to be the best match of the night.. And if it would happen - winner (by cheating) would be Christian..

Eric Bischoff versus Shane McMahon

Shane will win - but it won't be a clean win, so Eric will still be around to make Shane's life a living hell..

Undertaker versus A-Train

Taker doesn't lose at PPV's, so the winner will be the Dead Man!

Kane versus RVD

It'd be stupid to build Kane up like they have and then have him lose to RVD - but this is the WWE and anything can happen - but not this time.

Winner: Kane

World Tag Team Championship
La Resistance versus The Dudley Boys

I hate the French Fries and I hate the Dudleys, so who really cares? But the French Fries will keep the Golden Arches..

United States Championship Match - Four Way
Rhyno versus Tajiri versus Chris Benoit versus Eddie Guerrero

He lies, he cheats, he steals, and he keeps the gold at SummerSlam

Winner: Eddie Guerrero

WWE Championship
Brock Lesner versus Kurt Angle

Kurt is on a roll - Brock is on a roll - Kurt is going to roll all over Brock's ass.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Elimination Chamber
Triple H versus Goldberg versus Chris Jericho versus Randy Orton versus Kevin Nash versus Shawn Michaels

Goldberg should win.. But he won't.. HBK doesn't work house shows and he won last time - so he won't. Nash is fixing to go pretend to be a wrestler in a movie - just like he pretends to be a wrestler every Monday night - so he's not going to win. Randy Orton - I just can't see it, even though he would be a great young champion. So it's either Y2J or Triple H. It's gonna be Orton turning on Triple H and costing him the title to Chris Jericho - who will then replace Triple H as a Member of Evolution and join Ric Flair and Randy Orton as they take Evolution to the next level..

Winner and New Champion: Chris Jericho

Well, that's it! We're going out now (at 11:46PM - whassup wit dat?)
So I'll talk at ya'll later....

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