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(Retro) Sunday Night Heat - The Recap - August 10, 2003

Sunday Night Heat 8/10/03
starring Al Snow and the Coach

Tommy Dreamer versus Test

Tommy brings the kendo stick tothe ring.. Test complains. Lock up and headlock by Test. Jumping jacks and then Test goes off on Dreamer with the fists and elbows. Misses an elbow, and Dreamer comes back. Test goes flying out of the ring. Dreamer with a baseball slide dropkick. Test lands a knee and Dreamer runs him into the post. Test flexes a bit and puts the boots to Dreamer. A slam off the top and fists by Tommy, followed by a neckbreaker. Then a spinecrusher. But Tommy only gets 2. Tommy goes for the kendo stick, but the ref stops him. Test gets a slam and goes for the boot, but gets himself hung up on the ropes. Tommy goes to the top - Test tries for a superplex, but Dreamer pushes him off. Tommy jumps right into Test's boot and Test gets the pin..
Winner: Test

A look back at RAW - Flair versus Goldberg and the chaos that followed - the announcement of the Elimination Chamber match...

Val Venis is in the back, talking on a cell phone. Miss jackie walks by, and Val stops her to proposition her about starring in one of his movies. He wants to give her a screen test. He gives her a banana as a prop - goes for some more stuff, and here's Rico. A suggestive remark to Val and he leaves. Rico feeds Jackie the banana.. Funny.....

Wrestlemania Recall - 1996 - HBK pins Bret Hart to win the WWF Championship

Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade versus Buddy Wayne & Tony Kazino

Never quite figured out who was who on the jobber team.. A squash match to start with it all Jindrak. The two unknowns take advantage towards the middle with lots of doubleteaming and quick tags. All four men in the ring - Jindrak grabs Jobber #1 - Cade hits perfect dropkick - and gets the pin..
Winners: Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade

Video highlights of the RAW Ruthless Agression Tour of Australia..

WWE Rewind: Jericho attacking Nash last Monday - getting powerbombed for his troubles..

Highlights of the RVD-Y2J match from Monday night - Jericho challenges Nash to a Hair versus Hair match..

Highlights of the antics of Eric Bischoff / Shane McMahon / Kane from last week on RAW!

Lugz Boot of the Week: Gail Kim turns on Trish Stratus

Mixed Tag Team Match
Ivory and Maven versus Steven Richards and Victoria

Maven & Stevie start off..Kicks and chops by Stevie. Maven with a hiptoss and tag to Ivory. My beloved is hot...Ivory and Maven sling Stevie and Victoria from corner to corner. Maven forearms on Stevie - distracted by Victoria. Stevie-kick takes Maven to the floor. Slam by Stevie and Victoria with a flip over the rope from the outside onto Maven. Stevie misses a dive into the corner - hot tag by Maven to my beloved..Ivory is all over Victoria like Steve Austin on beer. X-Factor by Ivory and she's got the pin. The ref is distracted and Stevie hits a Stevie-DDT on Ivory - Victoria covers and gets the pin.
WInners: Stevie Richards and Victoria..

An OK show - too many flashbacks to RAW for my taste, but Al is funny on commentary, and Coach isn't bad with Al to back him up and carry him. The main event was good - too short, but my beloved got a loud response from the crowd when she came out and looked fantastic. And even though they beat my true love and Maven, I really like this pairing of Steven Richards and Victoria. Those two are perfect together.. I can't wait to see what happens with Rico and Val - it's gonna be a slobberknocker to be sure - but with those two involved - is a "slobberknocker" a fight or something else altogether? I guess we'll have to wait and see.. Oh well!
Later all!


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