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(Retro) WWE Takes Over Another Company - August 2, 2003

WWE Takes Over Another Company - August 2, 2003

Hot off the presses:

First it was ECW .. then it was the WCW.. Now the WWE has done it again and has announced plans to work out a deal with the Children's Television Workshop and take over the franchise known as "Sesame Street" ....

While the deal is still is the works, early plans are for the muppet characters so familiar and well loved to be placed on the shelf and replaced by popular WWE Superstars.. The tentative plans are as follows:

Mr. Hooper's store will be replaced with the APA Bar and Grill..

Instead of Mr. Hooper (R.I.P.) - the kindly old wise man will be Mr. McMahon

Instead of 'TIckle Me Elmo' - we'll see a 'Tickle Me Rico!'!

Oscar the Grouch will be replaced by "Austin" the Grouch who will live in a giant "Steve-weiser" Can and go around beating people up..

Big Bird will be replaced by the 7 foot, five hundred pound Big Show Bird!

His best friend, Mr. Snuffuluphogous will be replaced by a Rhynouphogous!
Super-Grover will be replaced by Hurri-Grover.

The Roles of Burt and Ernie will be assumed by Edge and Christian who will, of course, reek of awesomeness in this new role..

The humans on the show: Gordon, Bob, Susan,and Maria will be replaced by Teddy, Eric, Trish, and Stephanie..

The Count will be replaced by The Undertaker..

The Cookie Monster will now be called "Cookies Are Jericho".

Kermit the Frog will be replaced in his reporter duties by Funaki , Sesame Street's # 1 announcer.

Miss Piggy will now be known as Jazz Piggy..

Harry Monster will be potrayed by Golddust

This show will be brought to you by the letters F. and U. and the numbers 619..

Geez! All I can say is Sesame Street will never be the same..


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