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(Retro) A Few More Did Ya Know's - July 23, 2003

A Few More Did Ya Know's - July 23, 2003

Things are quiet this weekend on the wrestling newsfront (and here in the mailbox too! I guess everyone has taken off for the weekend! I wish I could, but work calls - damn it! So to pass the time, here are a few "did ya know's" I found while looking around the net..

Buff Bagwell got calf implants back in 1995, but they later leaked and had to be removed. Now if he'd just get a talent implant. (Sorry girls - I like Buff, but I couldn't resist - it was too easy!)

Rock's wife, Dany, is the Associate Vice-President of Merill Lynch. So we know who controls the checkbook in that house.

Rico was an American Gladiator.. (He liked the outfits)

Rico also once worked as a police officer.. (Spread 'em boys! Time for a thorough frisk and strip search!) (Rico once arrested a mime! He told him he had the right to remain silent. That was OK. The mime didn't have anything to say anyhow!)

Gorgeous George (Stephanie Bellars), who was Randy Savage's valet (and girlfriend) in WCW spent time in jail as a teenager. She did time for burgularizing a home and for slashing a girls face with a broken beer bottle.
(Sounds like she's the one who should be called "Savage".)

Scott Hall studied pre-med.. (So he could abuse his body more efficiently!)

Vampiro was once a bodyguard for Milli Vanilli.. (He also probably sang most of their songs!)

Jushin "Thunder" Liger is deaf in one ear. (He probably heard Vampiro singing the Milli Vanilli songs!)

Ric Flair owns a bar in Charlotte, NC called the "South End Brewery". He also owns several Gold's Gyms. (Looking at Ric lately,we can tell which business he spends the most time involved with.. Bottoms up!)

The Iron Sheik was once the personal bodyguard for the Shah of Iran.
(I can't think of a joke here - sorry!)

Brian Lee (who played the fake Undertaker) was the best man at Undertaker's wedding. (He pretended to be the groom while Taker and Paul Bearer did shots in the bar.)

Kane (Glen Jacobs) has a teaching degree and has taught as a substitute teacher. (How'd you like to come to math class and Kane is your sub teacher for the day? I'll bet those kids didn't misbehave!)

Debra (Austin) had a bit part as a Texas Sheriff's Deputy in the movie "Texas Chainsaw Massacre -Part 3. (Texas Chainsaw Massacre - sounds like her marriages to Mongo McMichal and Steve Austin)

OK - that's enough for now.. Later all..


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