Wednesday, January 18, 2012

(Retro) Name Dropping With Chris Jericho - July 28, 2003

Name Dropping With Chris Jericho - July 28, 2003

Chris Jericho just has a knack for names - he never get's them right. Here are some of Chris's more classic "alterings" of names..

Stone Cold Steve Assclown - Steve Austin
Tajunior - Tajiri
Baldcore Holly - Hardcore Holly
The Brahma baby - The Rock
Mitchell Cole - Michael Cole
Vivian Garcia - Lillian Garcia
Mr. Roboto - Chris Benoit
X-Tra Boring - X-pac
Trash Stratus - Trish
Kirk Angel - Kurt Angle
Mr. T - Booker T
JoJo Dillon - JJ Dillon
Bobby Dumb Crumb Junior - Bobby Duncum Jr.
Edgeward - Edge
Harold - Howard Finkel
Mike Foley - Mick Foley
Gene Mean - Mean Gene Okerlund
Greenberg - Goldberg
Hoot 'n' Toot Guerrera - Juvi
Quazzy Juice - Juvi
Bob Holly - Hardcore Holly
Larry Lane - Lenny Lane
Lizzy - Lizmark Jr.
Madison Square Jericho - Madison Square Garden
Deano Machine-o - Dean Malenko
Stinko Malenko - Dean Malenko
Bore-Us Malenko - Dean Malenko
Flea Marshall - Lee Marshall
Ron Mysterio Jr. - Rey Mysterio
Rockachichi - Rikishi
PS Saturn - Perry Saturn
R U Saturn - Perry Saturn
Tony Skeevonie - Tony Schiavone
Ken Scamrock - Ken Shamrock

I swear, they need to have Jericho do all the ring introductions. No one could do it quite like Y2J - after all, he is the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla, A bad mama-jama, the king of pling pling, and an icon, a living legend, and king of the world... Well, maybe not all that, but he's funny as hell! And that's really all that matters..

Later all..


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