Wednesday, January 18, 2012

(Retro) Some More Insightful Wrestling Quotes - July 31, 2012

Some More Insightful Wrestling Quotes - July 31, 2003

Here are a few remarks made by wrestling superstars back in November of 1999. I'll add my comments at the end..

"He really is insane - when he's at home, he drinks the water." - Joel Gertner talking about luchadore Super Crazy - ECW - 11/12/99 (In ECW - it was the kool-aid and not the water you had to worry about..)

"I'd rather join WCW than join Degeneration X" Vince to Triple H - Smackdown - 11/4/99 (Better yet, in another year, I'll buy the company - and he did!!)

"You know what's bad about this? Edge has probably never even been to Europe." - Jerry Lawler about Edge/Bulldog European title match - Smackdown 11/4/99 (But he's probably been to Uranus once or twice.. Sorry - it's the only joke I could think of)

"If I were somebody named Mr. Ass, I'd wonder if I could do time." - Vince telling Mr. Ass he's going to jail - WWF RAW 11/15/99 (And a couple of years later - Billy hooked up with Chuck and now we know the answer would have been "yes")

"Alright Al... I'm gonna give you Head." - Mankind, handing Al Snow a new manekin head - RAW 11/15/99 (Always thought that friendship was a little 'too good'.)

"Rhyno is wider than Rosie O'Donnell at Thanksgiving dinner" - Joel Gertner- ECW 11/12/99 (They could actually pass for brother/sister - Rosie and Rhyno, I mean..)

OK - these were groaners bad,, but I'm still trying, right? Later all!

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