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(Retro) Sunday Night Heat - The Recap - August 24, 2003

Sunday Night Heat - The Recap - August 24, 2003

Live from Pheonix, AZ - it's Sunday Night Heat

Hosts: Al Snow and the Coach

Lines of folks are waiting outside to get in the arena. Al and Coach are outside. It's over 110 degrees outside. Wow! Al and Coach talk about the matches for the night at SummerSlam.

Video recap of the Kane saga since he took off the mask - leading up to encounter with RVD last Monday on RAW..

Al polls the fans - who will win the RVD-Kane match. Small response indicates the fans support Kane (or at least think he'll win!)

More shots of the fans outside - a shot of the Elimination Chamber hanging above the ring.

Coach and Al talk about the Bischoff /Shane match. They replay the footage of Eric and Linda McMahon from last Monday on RAW - sealed with a kiss from Eric to Linda.

Shane arrives in the back. Lillian Garcia tries to talk to him, but he walks on by..

Lugz Boot of the Week: A-Train decimates Stephanie McMahon on Smackdown two weeks ago.

Al and Coach talk about The Undertaker/A-Train match. They show some clips from the Undertaker's appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmell Live' this past week.
Cut to Tazz and Michael Cole inside the arena getting hammered on drinks. Well, actually sipping from drinks with little umbrellas in them and lots of fruit. Tazz and Cole talk about the Smackdown half of the Summer Slam event..

Back to Al and the Coach - talking about the match between La Resistance and The Dudley Boyz.

Terri Runnels in the house and she talks to D-Von as Bubba stands in the background and looks patriotic. D-Von says today is "3-D Day" and the Dudleys will get revenge and their World Tag Team belts back.. Testify..

Summer Slam promo video plays to the music of 'St. Anger' by Metallica..
Tazz and Cole talk about the beating down of Zach Gowen by Brock Lesner this past Thursday on Smackdown. They show the clip again - and it looks more brutal this time than it did on Thursday. They report that Zach's leg is broken in two places and he'll be out indefinitely. Cue the music - here comes Matt Hardy..

Matt Facts: Matt's opponents often no-show because of fear!
Matt has the memory of an elephant.

Matt gets in the ring - cuts a killer promo on Zach Gowen and his "injury". Rags Zach for not being there tonite and calls him a novelty act. Has the ref ring the bell and the anouncer announce him the winner of the SD match because of forfeit.

X-Treme Blast of the Night: Eddie Guerrero lays out Tajiri, Chris Benoit, and Rhyno with the US Championship belt this past Thursday night..

Cruiserweight Title Match:
Rey Mysterio versus Shannon Moore

Lock up and fists go flying. Kick by Shannon - turned into a headscissors by Rey. Shannon tosses Rey into the corner and hits a suplex. Roll up for 2. Senton by Rey, but Shannon nails the elbow. Shannon lands a moonsault for 2. Rey gos for the 619 and goes to the top for a sloppy West Coast Pop and the pin. A sloppy and rushed match - but still..

Winner and still champion: Rey Mysterio

Cut to Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross. They plug the elimination chamber match again and show video footage showing the building of the chamber and all the drama leading up to tonites events.

Cut to the back and Evolution is shown getting out of their limo and arriving in the back.

A decent show with a lot of build-up for the matches tonite. The one live match was rushed and not a good showing for Shannon or Rey,but hopefully there will be a rematch in the near future where they can really show their stuff correctly. Now - let's go see Summer Slam. Later all..

-Doug M.

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