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(Retro) WWE Monday Night RAW - August 23, 2003

WWE RAW - 8/23/03

Monday Night Raw
Live from Tuscon, AZ - on Spike TV

Commentary by Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross (Village People!)

They show video of Goldberg being helped from the ring after the Elimination Chamber match last night..

Opening montage..

Goldberg comes to the ring. Big pop for Goldy. Goldy says the World Championship is his and calls out Triple H. Here comes Evolution on the ramp. Triple H talks some crap and says he proved himself last night. Goldy threatens to be Triple H's personal stalker - Hunter says he's getting pissed off. Triple H tells Goldy he'll defend the title against him at Unforgiven, but it'll be title versus Goldberg's career - if Goldy doesn't win the world title - he retires. Goldy accepts and we have a main event for Unforgiven.

Trish is in the back - getting ready for her match.

Trish Stratus versus Gail Kim

Gail attacks Trish from out of nowhere to start the match. Chokes her with the jacket. Throws Trish into ring and lands a dropkick and then a sleeper. Kim holds on to the sleeper as Trish tries to fight her way out. Inverted suplex and both are down. Spinebuster and chopsuey by Trish - chick-kick and Trish gets 2. Gail goes to the eyes, but Trish lands a bulldog and gets the pin.

Winner: Trish Stratus

Here comes Molly attacking Trish. Beatdown on Trish by the Women's champ. Face off with Kim in the ring. They cut to JR and the King.

King and JR talk about the Bischoff/Linda stuff. They show clip from last night at SS where Bischoff implies that he and Linda did the nasty many times. Disturbing, but funny!

Wrestlemania Recall
Mike Tyson counts the pin as Steve Austin beats HBK in 1998..

Molly has Gail Kim by the throat. They have a common enemy in Trish and Gail can be with her or against her. Gail says she's with Molly.

Let me holla at ya, playas! Thuggin and buggin is expanding as Teddy Long introduces his newest client: Mark Henry..

Rodney Mack and Mark Henry versus Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak

Cade & Rodney start off - clubbering by Rodney, but Cade hits the big dropkick. Clothesline by Mack, but Cade nails a suplex. Hot tag to Jindrak. Fists and another dropkick. Tag to Henry and he just tosses everyone around. Kicks by Jindrak and he goes to the top - off with a bodypress and Henry catches him with a big powerslam for the cover and pin.

Winners: Mark Henry and Rodney Mack with Teddy Long

Goldust and Lance Storm are talking in the back. Lance says 'Dust set him up. He's got a mini-me Goldust hanging on his leg. Here's Rosey. He's looking for a commotion in the ring. LAnce says he's got enough problems. There's agirl and Rosey asks her - she says a man with a gun is in the ring. Rosey takes off to the ring - and here's Hurricane, looking for Rosey. The girl repeats what she told the S.H.I.T and Hurricane looks stressed!!

SHow clip from during the break. The T-shirt guy is shooting shirts into the ring. Rosey comes out and beats him up. Hurricane comes out and lectures Rosey -whassup wit dat! LMAO - Funny!

They talk about Coach turning on Shane last night and show still clips from Summer Slam.

Terri talks to Stone Cold about last night. He explains himself like a born politician. Here's Bischoff. He says Austin is wrong and wasn't provoked last night. Coach is going ot be employee of the month and Eric tells Austin he'd better not interfere.

X-Treme Blast of the Night: La Res and the soldier boy beat on the Dudleys.

La Resistance and Rob Conway come to the ring. They show clips of the match from last night.

Rob gets the mic and talks alot of crap about America - how he respects the French - yada yada yada!

La Resistance and Rob Conway versus Bubba, D-Von, and Spike

The music plays and Spike comes out to distract the French Fries. Here comes Bubba and D-Von through the audience. Bubba does flip,flop, fly - Spike with stomp on Dupree. DT by French Fries on Spike - he comes back with Dudley-dogg. Tag to Bubba who cleans house. D-Von in and a 3-D for good measure. Chaos ensues as Bubba throws SPike on Grande. Conway nails Bubba with the belt and gets the pinfall.

Winners; La Resistance and Rob Conway

Linda McMahon is walking towards the ring..

Time for the Highlight Reel (Tonite to be known as the McMahon show, with the part of Stephanie played by Chris Jericho)

Jericho is in the ring. He plays to the crowd a bit, talks about the Elimination chamber and disses Goldberg. He shows footage of Eric B. kissing Linda last week - and makes some comments implying that Linda liked it.

Here's Linda. She says that Eric is lying - has been unprofessional, and there will be consequences. Here come Vince to the ring in full strut. He bashes Linda and blames her for the kids turning against him. Linda tells Vince he needs a shrink and he goes on another rant.

Here comes the money. Shane O'Mac comes out and bashes Vince a bit. Jericho tells him he's not invited and to leave. A face off between Shane and Vince - Jericho with a cheap shot on Shane. Jericho beats down Shane till Vince pulls him off and they go up the ramp. Vince makes match for tonite between Shane O'Mac and Y2J..

Replay of the Triple H challenge to Goldberg earlier tonite..

Randy Orton w/Ric Flair versus Maven w/HBK

Shawn Michaels accompanies Maven to ringside. Lock up and lots of back and forth science. Orton with fists, a neckbreaker and a rake to the eyes for good measure. Maven fights back - Orton lands the dropkick to the kisser. HBK and Flair both distract the ref. Flair cheap shots Maven - HBK lays him out with Sweet Chin Music. Maven nails Orton with a spinkick and goes to the top. Flying bodypress for 2 9/10 count - Orton fights back - hits the RKO and pulls Maven up at two. Orton taunts HBK and nails Maven with Sweet Chin Music -Orton style and the pin.

Winner: Randy Orton

Bischoff is in the back, holding a plaque - says it's perfect.

Terri talks to some dude at ringside who has a new show on Spike TV.
Eric Bischoff is in the ring and calls Coach out to be the RAW employee of the month. Coach comes out to accept and bashes JR for a bit and then talks junk about Austin. He wants an apology from Austin.

Here comes Christian. He's upset that he wasn't on SS last night, and it's Austin's fault. He wants an apology too. Here comes Austin. He's not apologizing to anyone. Austin shoots Coach the bird. Coach talks junk about Ross and Lawler. Calls them the Village People. Lawler stands up and offers to come down and shut Coach up. Christian gets in Austin's face and Stone Cold tells him to shut his hole. Makes an IC title match between Christian and Jerry Lawler for next. - Cause Stone Cold said so!!

IC Title Match
Christian versus Jerry 'The King' Lawler

(Coach has joined JR at the announce table!)

Christian starts off in control with fists and a
choke. Lawler comes back, but Christian does some clubbering to keep control. All Christian till Lawler lands a clothesline. Backdrop and to the eyes by Lawler.

Christian hits an elbow, but Lawler with a hard slam and 2 fistdrops to the head of Christian. Coach pulls Lawler out of the ring as he goes to cover the champ. Lawler chases Coach around the ring, but is rolled up from behind by Christian, who gets the pin.

Winner and still champ: Christian

Shane O'Mac is walking towards the ring. Kane is in the shadows behind him.

Boot of the Week: Shane O'Mac with a Savage elbow off the top to put Bischoff through the Spanish announce table last night at SummerSlam..

Coach and CHristian do some bragging backstage. Here's Stone Cold. Next week - Coach wrestles Jerry Lawler.
Shane O'Mac versus Chris Jericho

Jericho charges Shane, but Shane-O moves and goes to town on Jericho. Chops by Jericho -Shane backflips him to the floor. Fight on the floor and Shane lays Jericho out on some chairs and the barrier. Goes to the top, but Kane's music hits. Shane is distracted and Jericho nails him from behind. Knocks Shane to the floor - (Commercial Time) - back and Jericho is still in control. Shane hits a low kick and a DDT, Y2J comes back with a kick to the head and a bulldog. Lionsault by Jericho, but Shane gets the knees up. Shane to the top - Chris shoves the ref into the ropes so Shane stradles himself. Superplex by Jericho and here comes Kane. Jericho bails out of the ring as Kane chokeslams Shane and goes out into the audience. Shane pulls himself up and they make eye contact. Kane flees to the outside and Shane follows, Ambush by Kane as he beats the crap out of Shane. Slams him several times into a concrete wall. Kane has several cans of gas and sets a dumpster on fire. He picks up Shane to toss him in the fire, but Shane slides out and lands a kick. Kane falls into the fire and Shane stands over it and stares as the show ends - saying "burn in hell, you son of a bitch!".

The McMahon soap opera is getting on my nerves, but the show was OK. Not great, but good enough. Orton looked sharp as always -and the opening bit with Evolution and Goldy was well done. Always good to see Teddy Long and Jericho ruled as always. RAW is Jericho Indeed!!!

The bits with Lance/Goldust and Rosey, the S.H.I.T. was way-funny. LMAO! But where were Test & Stacy, Scott Steiner, Rico & Jackie, and my beloved? Inquiring minds want to know. Good night all! Time to go watch the tape of Summer Slam again. See ya'll in the AM.


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