Wednesday, January 18, 2012

(Retro) A Comparison: Vince McMahon versus My Boss Lady - July 28, 2003

A Comparison: Vince McMahon versus My Boss Lady - July 28, 2003

This will mean absolutely nothing to any of ya'll, but I had fun messing arond with the Big Show / Big Bird comaprison, and decided to do one more -a little closer to home - everyone's boss - Mr. McMahon versus my boss lady at work, Betty.

Vince: Cocky and arrogant

Betty: short and fiesty

Vince: billioniare

Betty: works 2 jobs

Vince: 2 kids gearing up to take over the family business

Betty: 1 son - spoiled rotten

Vince: piss him off - you get stuck in a handicap match

Betty: piss her off - she calls you a mother f@cker

Vince: Over 30 years experience in sports-entertainment

Betty: 17 years running a resturant - 8 years managing a store

Vince: Former WWE Champion

Betty: Last month's employee of the month at Hampton Inn

Vince: He lies, he cheats, he steals, - ruthless

Betty: little time for liars or bullshit

Vince: manipulator that says what you want to hear

Betty : Will hurt your feelings in a second

Vince: Chairman of the WWE

Betty: Store manager of Community Stop #2

Vince: Occasionially drinks a beer with Stone Cold

Betty: doesn't party much, but when the family has a cookout - watch out!

Vince: hangs out every day with Jim Ross, Pat Patterson, and Sgt. Slaughter

Betty: hangs out every day with Debra, Mary, and ME!

So what does the comparison tell me? Not a thing. Vince is a rich asshole,and my boss lady is a mess, but I wouldn't trade her for anything (though a raise would be nice!) So on a boss to boss comparison - Betty wins.

Later all..

(I've got too much time on my hands!)


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