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(Retro) WWE Smackdown - August 28, 2003

WWE Smackdown 8/28/03

Taped from El Paso, TX - WWE Smackdown 8/28/03
Hosts: Michael Cole and Tazz

Start off with some Latino Heat... Eddie's music plays as he pulls up outside. Tosses his keys to an attendant (valet parking in El Paso?) and makes his way into the building, through the crowd and to the ring. Think Montreal was loud for Hogan at Wrestlemania? They ain't got nothing on El Paso and Eddie. Latino Heat! Hugs Tazz and disses Cole - hugs the family at ringside and gets in ring. Plays to the crowd - talks about Grandma Guerrero lying, cheating, and stealing.. Funny.

Here comes John Cena. He rags on Eddie big time with innuendo about Eddie's orientation, legal right to be in the US, etc. He wants a title match. Eddie goes off - he's got it. Eddie explodes on Cena with a clothesline - knocking him to the floor. Cena comes back and goes back out to the floor again. Eddie cuts a mini-rap and mocks Cena a bit. Cena stalks back to the back as Eddie accepts the cheers of his fans. Great opener.

Cruiserweight Title Match
Rey Mysterio versus Nunzio

The FBI tries to come out with Nunzio, but the ref makes them leave and go to the back. Lock up and take down. Just great action, back and forth. In the end, Rey hits a 619 and goes for West Coast Pop, but Nunzio catches him in a powerbomb for 2. Back and forth roll ups by both men to get 2 counts. In the corner, Nunzio is knocked off the 2nd rope by Rey - he goes to the top and lands a big legdrop. Cover and pin.

Winner and still champ: Rey Mysterio

Clip shows of the Rock talking about his upcoming movie, The Rundown, complete with scenes from the movie - coming on September 26...

Boot of the Week: End of the US Title 4 way at SummerSlam with Eddie retaining the US Championship..

Chris Benoit versus A-Train w/Sable

Basically, Train controls the early part of the match - just powering over Benoit. Chris fights back with chops, but to no avail. In the end, Benoit nails a suplex and goes to the top. Flying headbutt for 2. Benoit slammed into the corner and A-Train goes for the de-railer, but Benoit reverses into a crossface. Train taps and Benoit picks up the win. Sable complains to the ref that Train's feet were under the ropes but he doesn't care -

Winner: Chris Benoit

Eddie is in the back warming up. The car valet comes running in. Someone has messed with Eddie's ride. He runs to the outside.

A-Train gets in Benoit's face backstage. They argue and Gore! Gore! Gore! here's Rhyno and he puts Benoit through a door. Rhyno and Train walk off as a ref checks on Benoit.

Eddie is outside raising hell. Someone has stole a tire off his ride. he questions APA, Funaki, and Orlando who are standing around watching. They didn't see anything. He asks the FBI and they start laughing. Eddie opens up some whoop ass on Palumbo and the Bull - APA pulls him off and he stalks back into the arena.

Slam of the week: At SummerSlam - Kurt Angle angle-slams Vince onto a steel chair after making Brock tap...

Here comes the pain. Brock comes to the ring. He whines and crys - SummerSlam was a fluke - he didn't tap. The audience is really tearing into him. Here's Kurt on the video moniter. He rags on Brock. Brock wants a rematch. Kurt is coming to the ring. But wait. The Undertaker comes to the ring. He wants a title shot and gets in Brock's face. So here comes the Big Show. He wants the next title shot. And now, it's Kurt's turn. He comes to the ring - breaks on everyone - he doesn't care who gets the next shot at his title.

And lastly -here's Steph looking way too big in a skirt that's way too short for her now Chyna-looking self. Tonite - it's a triple threat match for the #1 contenders spot with Taker, Brock, and the Show.

Josh stops John Cena in the back. Cena denies having anything to do with Eddie's tire getting stolen.

United States Championship
Eddie Guerrero versus John Cena

Cena comes out carrying Guerrero's tire. Eddie attacks from behind and slams Cena into the steps, busting him open. The match is on. All Eddie to start. Fists, forearms, dropkicks, and slams. Cena nails a stiff clothesline and starts clubbering away. Fight to the floor and Cena eats announce table. Back into the ring. Eddie brings the tire into the ring. The ref moves it out and Eddie nails Cena with a chair. Suplex and Eddie gets froggy - but Cena moves and Eddie eats mat. (commercial time) Back and Cena has the surfboard on Eddie. More back and forth. Eddie goes for the tri-plex and Cena nails him with a low blow. Ref calls for the bell.

Winner by DQ- Eddie Guerrero.

After the bell, the attack continues. Cena nails Eddie with the chain and brings the tire back into the ring. A big FU to Eddie on the tire. Cena grabs the US belt, mouths off and walks off..

JVC Tower of Power: Taker holds Sable at SummerSlam so Steph can whoop her ass..

Video highlights of the Brock decimation of Zach Gowen last week..

(A quick thought here. Zach's mom was at ringside last week. Eddie's mom was there tonite. Who's next? Judy Bagwell?)

Brock, Taker, and the Show all come to the ring. Here comes Kurt to do commentary.

Triple Threat.. - NO DQ
Brock Lesnar versus Undertaker versus Big Show
Winner gets a title match next week!

Too much action to really detail. Brock and Show start off by doubleteaming Taker. He fights back. Brock turns on Show and it's on. Just lots of brutal action both inside and outside the ring. Everytime one person would go for a pin, the 3rd person would break it up. 2 commercial breaks later - Show choke slams Brock for 2. Show slams Brock into the corner and climbs to the top rope. Taker breaks it up, but gets speared by Brock in the same corner. Brock sets up Show for a superplex, but Taker grabs Brock and nails the last ride. Cover and pin.

Winner: Undertaker

After the match - Kurt gets into the ring and goes nose to nose with Taker as the show ends.

A damn good show - 4 top notch matches where everyone worked hard and progressed the storylines along. Taker really earned the match against Show and Brock, but they all put on a great effort. Cena and Guerrero blew the roof off the place. If anyone had doubts about if either of these men are ready for the main events, this put the doubts to an end. THe crowd was extra-jakked for Eddie and really ragged Brock. A great show with some good action - very few backstage bits - just enough and they served a purpose - the promos were intense and believable and Cena caught some massive heel heat. A good 2 hours and I have no complaints tonite. Later all...


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