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(Retro) The Smackdown Recap - July 31, 2003

The Smackdown Recap - 7/31/03

From Colorado Springs, CO, it's Smackdown on UPN

Tazz and Michael Cole are the announcers!

Still pics of Kurt Angle beating Brock Lesnar at Vengeance

The opening SD montage (which still has pics of the Rock - what up with that?)

Here come Kurt Angle to the ring..He's happy and so are the fans. He talks about overcoming adversity, etc. and here comes Brock. He wants a rematch. Kurt says yes, but here comes Vince McMahon. Not so fast. Brock has to earn a rematch. he tries to turn Brock against Kurt. Tonite - Brock and Kurt will wrestle in a tag match against someone of Vinnie-Mac's choosing..

Rey Mysterio w/ Kidman versus Shelton Benjamin w/ Charlie Haas

Lock up with some amatuer stuff - Rey goes for the 619 early, but Shelton moves. Shelton works on the arm. Rey keeps trying to come back, but Shelton keeps going back to the arm. Insaguri by Rey. Shelton hits a facebuster and goes back to the arm. Rey makes the ropes and clips Shelton's knees. Haas interferes, but Kidman cuts him off and whoops up on Haas outside the ring. 619 by Rey and he gets a victory roll for the pin.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Jamie Noble is in a motel room in his drawers dancing around. Here's Torrie. Jamie starts showing her some sex toys and she starts to get sick. Jamie puts on a Lone Ranger mask and Torrie gags and runs to the bathroom. Funny stuff..

Coming August 15 - Freddy versus Jason! Whoo-hoo!!

Chris Benoit comes to the ring. He's supposed to wrestle Rhyno. Rhyno is on the big screen. Talks about Benoit. Here comes Doink the CLown..

Chris Benoit versus Doink the Clown..

Doink clown around outside the ring. Gives Tazz a rubber chicken. Chris comes to the outside and beats the hell out of Doink. Clothesline and chop-suey.. Doink goes to the top and get's back-suplexed for his trouble. Flying headbutt and the crossface. Doink taps..

Winner: Chris Benoit

Benoit gets the mic - calls out Rhyno..Rhyno says not tonite and leaves..

Jamie is lying in bed calling to Torrie. She just looks stunned. Knock at the door and it's Nidia. Off comes the mink and she's wearing lingerie. She throws Jamie on the bed and straddles him - Torrie just stands there watching with all sorts of exaggerated faces and expressions. Funny..

Kurt is in the back talking to Spanky and Funaki. Here comes Brock. They go off to talk..

Eddie Guerrero comes to ringside in a red convertible. The hydrolics don't work. Eddie looks around and opens the trunk. It's Tajiri! Tajiri kicks Eddie and sprays him with the green mist. Refs tend to Eddie as Tajiri goes to the ring. Eddie says he can't wrestle tonite. The ref says Eddie either wrestles or gives up the title..

US Title - Eddie Guerrero versus Tajiri

Back and forth - Eddie hits some chops - Tajiri with stiff kicks - good match - Tajiri gets the tarantula - misses a kick to the head - Eddie distracts the ref and the old trick knee acts up as he low blows Tajiri. Tajiri sprays the ref with the green mist - Eddie hits Tajiri with the US belt and gets some water to rinse out the ref's eyes. Time to get froggy as Eddie hits from the top rope and gets the pin..

Winner: Eddie Guerrero

Tazz and Cole talk about Zach Gowen. They show a piece telling his story..
WWE Boot of the Week: Zach and Vince from last Sunday at Vengeance

Zach Gowen versus Shannon Moore w/Matt Hardy

Matt Facts: Matt's favorite season is summer
Matt is twice the wrestler that Zach Gowen is..

Shannon and Zach lock up. Shannon mocks Zach and gets armdragged and dropkicked. It's all Zach. Shannon hits a suplex and beats on Zach in the corner. Matt trips Zach from the outside and Shannon lands a neckbreaker. Elbow and kick by Zach and he hits a missle dropkick. Zach goes to the top for the moonsault and gets 2. Neckbreaker by Zach - Matt distracts from the outside and Zach nails him. Shannon rolls up Zach from behind for the pin.

Winner: Shannon Moore

After the match - Matt comes in the ring and attacks Zach - A side effect and a twist of fate leaves Zach laying..

WWE Overdrive of the Night: Taker and John Cena from Sunday night..

John Cena versus Orlando Jordon

Cena cuts a rap about Taker and Jordon - challenges UT for match on SD next week. Here comes Jordon. Basically a squash as Jordon got some weak offense in, but it was all Cena working on the ribs and back. A kick to the stomach and a F-U and it's over..

Winner: John Cena

Torrie is in the motel room drinking champagne. Here comes Nidia and Jamie out of the shower. It's time for a threesome. Knock at the door and it's Billy.

Jamie says he hasn't touched Torrie - Billy checks on her and Jamie and Nidia go back at it as Billy and Torrie watch - more smiles and exaggerated expressions by Torrie and Mr. Ass..

Vince is on the phone. Here comes Brock. He challenges Vince to a match next week - Vince agrees, but tells Brock to watch his back..

In the motel room - we see feet. Everyone is in the bed together - Billy, Torrie, Jamie, and Nidia. LMAO! Ha!

Here comes Skank to the ring. Skank brags about beating Steph at Vengeance and thanks Vince. She intro's Vince's hand picked team..

A-Train and Big Show versus Kurt Angle and Brock Lesner

Train and Kurt to start. It's all the power of Albert. Tag to Brock. He works over Train, but Train gets a clothesline. Brock slams him for 2. Tag to Kurt. Train gets the backbreaker. Tag to Big Show. Headbutts and chops by the Show. Just back and forth. Suplex by Brock on the A-Train. F-F,but Big Show interferes. Tag in and Brock hits the F-5 on Big Show. Kurt tags himself in and makes the pin.

Winners; Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar.

Kurt and Brock face off. F-5 on Kurt by Brock. Here's Vince on the ramp. Next week - it's him and Brock in the cage.. And Kurt will be the special ref..

Another good show with some good matches. Eddie and Tajiri was well down and using Matt to beat down Zach was a great way for MAtt to generate some heel heat.. The skit with Jamie and Torrie (and Billy and Nidia) was funny. The Cena match with Jordon kind of sucked -too much of a squash - but no real big dissapointments.. It was a good couple of hours..


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