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(Retro) WWE RAW - The Recap - August 4, 2003

WWE RAW The Recap - 8/4/03

Sorry I'm running a little late here.. I got caught up responding to posts last night, so I figured I'd type this up this morning before I go to work.. But I didn't want to get out of bed this morning.. So, here it is, the next day.. Better late than never, right?...

Live from Vancouver, BC

Video recap of the whole Vince-Shane-Kane drama from last week

Opening video montage (complete with pics of the Great One - also seen on SD)

Here comes the money.. Shane O' Mac comes to the ring. He wants Kane.. But he gets Bischoff.. Eric comes to the ring and announces RVD versus Kane at Summerslam... By Vince's orders - Shane has to leave... Shane O' says no way - and Eric gets a little huffy.. Here comes Stone Cold.. He incites things a bit and makes a match - No Holds Barred - Shane O'Mac versus Eric Bischoff for later tonite on RAW.. Eric says no at first, but then agrees..

Bubba Ray Dudley with D-Von versus Renee' Dupree w/ Sylvian Granier

Back and forth it goes - interference by Sylvian and Dupree has advantage. Bubba thinks he's Dusty Rhodes.. Flip - flop - fly - bionic elbow.. Slam by Dupree and Sylvian is in the ring. A little mix up and the French Fries collide - D-Von hits Dupree with the flag.. Bubba-bomb time and he gets the pin..

Winner: Bubba Ray Dudley

Evolution is talking in the back - here's Eric Bischoff and he wants to talk..

Jerry Lawler & The Coach talk about the Ruthless Agression tour of Australia - video highlights of the Aussie tour..

Scott Steiner w/ Stacy Kiebler versus Randy Orton

Orton makes funny comment about more people want to see his nipples than Stacy's.. Steiner attacks.. Beat down with chops and fists by Steiner..Randy nails a dropkick and goes for a choke.. Suplex to the outside by Steiner. Randy grabs Stacy and throws her into Steiner - gets the advantage.. Steiner nails a jawbreaker. Steiner fucks up a powerslam... Clothesline and an attempted super-plex.. Here's Test. Steiner brings him into the ring and manhandles him.. Orton nails him with the RKO to get the pin..

Winner: Randy Orton

Flair and Triple H are watching in the back...Here's Eric again.. Trip tells him they have a deal..

Rosey and Hurricane are in the back.. Rosey is ready to be a super-hero-in-training.. Hurricane says he's not ready.. Here's Christian.. It's him and Hurricane tonite.. Rosey has box that has his costume - says S.H.I.T. Funny..

Shane O'Mac is dancing around. Eric Bischoff is talking to Rodney Mack. Here's Austin again.. Eric spills the beans on his plans.. THe Summerslam match is now NO DQ and Evolution is in his corner tonite.. Eric gloats and Stone Cold starts to think ...

Wrestlemania Recall: Jeff Hardy flips off a ladder onto Bubba Ray at the TLC match at Wrestlemania 2000

The Hurricane versus Christian

Kick by Christian.. Hurrascissors and Christian goes to the outside..Hurricane flips over the top onto Christian.. Back and forth.. Hurri-chokeslam by 'Cane. Clothesline and Christian rolls him up with a handfull of tights..

Winner: Christian..

After the match - Christian slames Hurricane and keeps attacking him..Here comes Rosey in his SHIT costume.. He Rosey-slams Christian and Christian leaves the ring. Rosey and Hurricane face off and do a superhero pose...

RIc Flair versus Goldberg...

Triple H is at the announce table doing commentary..

Goldy mouths off to Trip on the way to the ring.. In the ring, Flair talks trash. Lock up and Goldy just manhandle Flair.. Big press slam.. Flair goes to the outside. Armtwist by Goldy.. Flair chops away.. Goldy does a hip toss - Flair clips the knee.. Classic Flair working on the knee.. Fists back and forth -- backdrop on Flair. Power slam by Goldy.. Flair goes to the eyes.. Flair to the top - this never works - slam by Goldy.. Here comes Randy Orton with a chair.. Smash and the ref DQ's Flair for outside interference...

Winner by DQ - Goldberg

Flair & Orton beat on Goldberg.. Here comes Triple H.. He gets the sledgehammer and smashes Goldy in the ribs.. Here comes HBK to clear the ring.. And here's Chris Jericho to attack HBK.. Evolution & Y2J beat on Goldy and HBK - here comes Kevin NAsh with a chair.. And here comes Steve Austin to the announce position.. The SummerSlam match for the World Title is now in the elimination chamber.. THe folks involved will be Triple H, Goldberg, Randy Orton, Kevin Nash, HBK, and Y2J.. Flair goes after Goldy with a chair and gets speared.. Evolution bails to the back..

Kevin Nash and HBK are in the ring, playing up to the fans.. Terri Runnels is at ringside and talking to Pat Croce about Slamball... OK , then...
Here comes Chris Jericho again.. He knocks HBK out of the ring, but gets nailed by Nash's boot.. Powerbomb by Nash and Jericho is out.. HBK and Nash continue to celebrate..

In the back - the trainer tends to Flair... Eric Bischoff wants to knoewif the deal is still on.. Triple H tells him he's on his own..

WWE Slam of the Week : Molly Holly beats Gail Kim to win the Women's Championship.

WWE Women's Championship Match
Molly Holly versus Trish Stratus

Take down by Molly - suplex and several pin attempts. Roll up by Trish for 2.. Knee by Molly - Trish comes back with headscissors and dropkick - Molly to the outside..A slobberknocker ensues - and here's Victoria.. Widow's Peak on Trish. Molly acts pissed at Vidtoria,but they both beat on Trish. Here's Gail Kim for the save. She clears the ring and helps Trish up - and clotheslines her.. Power bomb on Trish by Gail Kim..

Winner by DQ - Trish Stratus

WWE Boot of the Week: Shane attacks Kane last week..

Shane tries to get in the van where Kane is - the police clear him off. --

Lance Storm is in the back.. He realizes he's boring and wants the help of....... Golddust.... Eric approaches the van where Kane is being held and sends the officers off - he has the keys to Kane's cell..

Rob Van Dam versus Chris Jericho

Just an excellent match - back and forth.. I don't feel like detailing it much - so let's fast forward to the end.. Both men busted their asses. RVD hits a dropkick and a springboard off the top of the corner to cover Y2J and get the pin..

Winner: RVD

Jericho gets the mike.. Everyone is conspiring against him - It's Nash's fault.. He challenges Kevin Nash to a hair versus hair match..

Eric is in the back with a big old grin on his face.. They show the van - it's open and empty..

NO HOLDS BARRED - Eric Bischoff versus Shane McMahon

Eric practices some kicks to start.. Here comes Shane O'..Shane does the Ali-shuffle - Eric responds with kicks - takes control - Shane hits the spear and goes all ape-shit over Eric..And here comes Kane... Shane attacks and it's all Shane O'Mac to start.. Kane hits the boot and slams Shane into the steel ringpost and then the barrier.. Tombstone piledriver on the metal steps by Kane.. Shane is out.. Kane throws Shane's limp body into the ring and Eric Bischoff gets the pin.. Eric celebrates and mocks Shane..

The End..

A good show - some sloppy matwork, but everyone is jetlagged, so it can be overlooked.. Some good matches set for Summer Slam.. Kane versus RVD and the return of the Elimination Chamber.. The show's not great, but it's consistant and more importantly - not bad - I liked it..


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