Tuesday, January 24, 2012

(Retro) Rules Of The House - August 23, 2003

Rules of the House - August 23. 2003

I guess everyone has figured out by now that I like wrestling. That's pretty obvious, but even I didn't realize how much and for how long until today. I got home from work after 10 hours of providing wonderful customer service to the biggest bunch of assclowns and rooty-poo candy asses you've ever seen. It was not a good day. The other half and I are fighting, so no one is home.

I decide to clean out a box of junk I've had packed up for 4-5 years - just odds and ends. And there, amid all the WWE Action figures, a bunch of old T-shirts, and several dozen journals I used to keep, was a laminated thing I used to hang on my wall at my first apartment, from the first time I moved out, stating the "rules of the house". My house was the gathering point for all my hoodlum and redneck friends and I got tired of fussing all the time, so I had the rules drawn up.

There were 12 in all. Most were pretty basic: make a mess, clean it up; put stuff back where you got it; no copping an attitude allowed (except for me - it's my house), etc. But a couple of them really stood out among the others. They were:

6. No sleazy, trashy, lowlife, disgusting whores (except on Wednesdays and Sundays)!

(Why Wednesday and Sunday's I don't remember -it was probably my days off from work)


10. Wrestling is Real - Life is Fake! Deal With It!

I saw that and just started laughing. That was 5 years ago when I had that up in my apartment. I've moved a few times since then, but it brings back some good memories. That was a good place..I don't know why I'm even sharing this with the group, but I just felt like talking about that for a few minutes. Appreciate ya'll putting up with me on this. Later all.


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