Wednesday, January 18, 2012

(Retro) Just Wondering About Some Things- July 26, 2003

Just Wondering About Some Things - July 26, 2003

You know, sometimes I just look at stuff and wonder about things.. Things like..

What does the Undertaker think about his "brother's" unmasking, setting Ross on fire, etc., and will we see an appearance of the Undertaker on RAW like a concerned big brother should be, or will that part of the Kane "story" be conveniently forgotten by the WWE writers?

Are Billy and Chuck still "friends" backstage?

How many times in the locker room has Ric Flair picked up Triple H's World title belt out of habit, thinking it's his?

What does Kidman really think when he sees his bride running around with Billy Gunn, or offering to "sleep" with Jamie Noble? Is he really that good a sport?

For that matter, what does Vince really think of his future son-in-law?

Spike Dudley used to be a school teacher. Are his parents still in shock over his career change?

Why has the WWE still not signed Juventud Guerrera yet?

Whatever happened to Steve "Mongo" McMichael after Debra divorced him and he left WCW?

When they divorced, who got the dog?

If Steve Austin and Mongo McMichael were to ever get in a real fight - not a wrestling match, but a knock-down drag out slobberknocker, who would come out on top? Austin is a better wrestler, but Mongo is crazy - and huge! So who knows?

Does Ted DiBiase still have his "Million Dollar Championship" belt?

What ever happened to Lord Alfred Hayes, Todd Pettengill, and Craig DeGeorge?

Yeah - maybe I just have too much wrestling on the brain, but that's what I wonder about sometimes!


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